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They Need

Updated on May 15, 2012

wants not needs

They Need It

So he decided today that he had enough.

It's time for him to leave this life is to rough

I watch him pack and walk out the door

And I know that he's not coming back any more.

So I have three children what do I do

I have never gone to college or had a job

Just make babies and cook and clean that's what I do

I sit and cry and say why did this happen to me

My children then need things so they will be happy

so they won't be teased

I call my mother and explain what is going on in my life

She says well it happens sometimes they no longer want a wife

But about the children doesn't he care they need him you know

and now he's not there

Don't worry she says I can watch them for you

Just find a job and we will help you too

So I get a job it doesn't pay much

but the child support it suddenly stops

I can pay all the bills and buy food too

But the things that they need what am I to do

They need the laptops the gold and so much more

So they can fit in get their foot in the door

So she gets another job and works day and night

The children are growing and Grandma is older

the oldest children no longer listen to her

They stay out late drink and do drugs

They are failing in school and in trouble with the cops

The grandma tells her I cannot do this any more

You have to quit one job and care for them now

But mama they need things that others have

And I cannot provide them with only one job

No she tells me they only need you

To teach them to love to go to their events in school

The things you buy do not give them love

Only a mother can do so and our Father above

Take them to church and teach to pray

Tell them about Jesus and why he gave his life

For all the sinners even today

So I took her advice ane spent more time with them

They were all very happy and no longer went out

they missed me so much they all told me this now

Please do not leave us don't walk out the door

Every time you leave we think you are not coming

back any more.


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    • Tracy711 profile image

      Tracy711 5 years ago

      Thank you Sybil, so happy to see your visit :o) xoxo

    • profile image

      Sybil Salazar 5 years ago

      Awesome job as always my friend!! Thanks for sharing.