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Short Story: They are the ones!

Updated on February 26, 2012

They are the ones!

But you need to show them that you were not the one, that was going through this life making bad choices, for quite a while and marrying those mistakes. For if you were, you would also be one of those that seems to be living to be always moaning and groaning in pain, crying on the inside, dying on the inside, again looking back and forth again and again, searching for those reasons why it's constantly being you , that keeps on doing the very same things that you do, even to this present day, and continues to keep on wondering why you?

Wanting to know why you are lost, why you still don't know what love is, and how to tell if it's true! How to be able to find the one that was promised to be out there waiting just for you.

But instead you keep on being attracted, to the ones who are not compatible to you. You keep being in this great hurry to be the early bird , hoping to catch the fattest worm , even while knowing that all those you have tried in the past, got regurgitated rather quickly , they were not compatible. You must wait; you are good enough to be approached, by the promised one. Patience is also the greatest prerequisite in this quest, and it's always best to love the one who you are quite sure Loves you! They are usually who will approach you using only the powers that will attract you. They will attract others to, but what's for you is for you and you will know. Bless. Never try to speed up the hands of faith, for history cannot be changed, and you won't be the first to try feverishly, and unsuccessfully to try and rearrange. Have you ever heard?

It is what it is!

When they are for you, they will be the ones who will pick you out of even a humongous and massive crowd!

They are the ones who will pluck you off the dance floor, and you will understand exactly what they are saying regardless of how many people, how much noise and no matter how loud.

They are the ones who will appear to you with light, illuminate all that which was once dark!

They are that somehow knew that at this moment there will be nothing better for you than a quiet walk through central park!

They are the ones staring at you while riding to work on that crowded train!

They are the ones offering you the umbrella to help shelter you from the pounding rain!

They are the ones who came exactly the time you fell while walking on the ice. They were THE ones who bravely walked up to you, and told you their name and how interesting you were, you couldn't believe and thought that it only be Cupid to bring something so nice.

They were the ones who won't promise you anything, especially that which they do not possess.

They are the ones who are searching for you and they will know when they have found you, and the amazing thing is that you will know too! You will never ask yourself iflooks can be deceiving. They won't allow selfish feeling to create a false sense of satisfaction. Because nothing but the truth could ever appear so beautiful.

Here is what happens when it’s with the opposite.

There are times when you are not even speaking, but ignorance and the powers that be had you slated in time, as the one that's was speaking really loud, attracting the ones who left their kids, their wives, and husbands at home, or with their grandparents. They pretended not to even be married, going out with friends pretending they are not seeing anyone. Only have a few friends, here and there but leaving themselves open for that visitor, who will soon become the victim of circumstance, while the pretenders go on to enjoy, the excitement which comes from the chase. That selfish feeling of needing more attention, it started a long time ago, and got to be the alibi for life.

No one can compete with Mom.

Mom held them tight, both day and night, whether wrong of right it was her way of showing love and comfort, this is all great but, many times in big families, jealousy can set in. Who will know the correct way to act between a two year old and a four year old if they were not properly trained? Most kids will rebel in one way or another and that rebellion creates feelings which can cause unseen problems. Now those kids grow up and forgot that there is no one to be compared to mom. They are the ones who were not taught that it is better to give than it is to receive. They don’t really know how unselfish Love is, and now years later after a few break ups they meet up to you, and are simply seeing you as their chance at some kind of understanding.

They are the ones who went above and beyond their means, they are now complaining, blaming, lying, and sinning their souls, by being totally selfish, and they are actually inviting the gates of hell to comfort them. Hell has no comfort, but it's big enough to swallow you whole, they are the ones that are doomed, and even with so much space there is still not enough room because. They are the ones!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks Rose . Thanks for everything . I can take a very long time top find out for our own self, that it does tak4 a long time to know it's a rough world out there, and so many people are afraid that their own children won't like them, so to buy love , instead of giving the understanding and the assurance that there is only one mother and father , they allow the kids to rule with their immaturity. Only to again later say I told you so! No in your house and under your watch , it must be your way. That's the reason you have them.

      Thanks Rose and Bless.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up! As you are growing up I believe there are three people you can always trust the Lord, and your parents. Later on you add in your very closest friends and your own family but beyond that it's a cruel world out there. God bless.