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A Review Of The Book Thief OF Lives

Updated on November 24, 2017

Thief OF Lives

Thief of Lives was written by Barb and J. C Hendee and was published in the United States of America, printed first on January 2004, the novel comes on the heels of his earlier acclaimed fantasy debut novel Dhampir, Thief of Lives has appeared in many newspaper and magazines such as the Chronicle, New York Times and others.

What's interesting in Thief of Lives is the familiarity and simplicity Barb and J.C used to produce this novel, the novel stands on it own so that if you haven't read the first one "dhampir" you won't really notice, making it simple and for others who did read the first book, Dhampir will be in for a real treat as they are able to see their favorite characters come to life again in ways that they might not have thought of. It shows a true growth to the characters and even creates new ones that we can grow to love and care about thereby giving it the familiarity aspect, in the process laying the foundation for carrying the characters further along in the series and beyond.

Thief of Lives brief Summary

Magiere the dhampir thinks that her nights of hunting vampires are over, after settling down in her newly adopted village of Miiska which was now vampire-free due to Magiere and her half elf partner, Leesil, and a dog that can understand humans and also can control humans named Chap (initially unknown to Magiere and her partner) Magiere now looks forward to quiet days tending to her tavern.

But far away in the capital city of Bela, a prominent councilman's daughter has been found dead on her own doorstep murdered by Welstiel Massing (very good friend of Magiere's prior to discovery of who he really was), who was going to make sure that Magiere does exactly what he wants her to do even if he has to show his true nature to her. He is playing everyone like chess pieces and is getting ready for the final game.

Knowing that the battered and burned village of Miiska needs money to rebuild their town, Bela's town council offers a generous bounty to the dhampir if she will slay the vampire responsible for the death of the councilman's daughter. Magiere resists, wanting nothing more than to forget her past and her half-vampire nature. But due to guilt she and her partner finally agrees to go. So with Chap and Leesil, she sets out for Bela, what she doesn't know is the darkness and the truth that lies there.

Notable key factors and emotions in the novel Thief of Lives

Love, romance, hate, magic, blood sucking, prostitution, high action, sophisticated display and skill full use of weapons; knifes, swoards, fire as a result of magic etc.

Who really can read the novel Thief Of Lives
Anyone that loves Action, suspense, thriller, and adventures.

Age bracket
From 14 years onwards.

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