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Thin Bubble Of Hope

Updated on October 11, 2015


We live in Thin Bubble of Hope.The Hope makes life to be livable, positive sense of augur helps the bubble from shattering.The colorful bubble creates a positive aura in which life never ends.Its better to live in the bubble of hope then being pessimistic.Hope can be divided into rather pessimistic hope and optimistic hope,the thin bubble of hope being a colorful optimistic hope.The dreams we dream is always attached to hopes, hope is the driving force which gives the ignition to our engine,Hope is like a spark plug igniting us to complete our dreams.
When the thin bubble of hope ruptures,it is the indication of life tending towards misery.Rupturing of hope bubble encourages all negative forces to take over the human mind,that's the indication of a downfall.We have to balance the outside forces in such a way that equilibrium is established and the bubble of hope tends to sustain and remain unaffected.We can analyse this by taking some real examples of our farmers dying,in there case the rupture of hope bubble impinged all the negative feelings to enter and that tends to cause there death.When our life crosses the breaking point of hope bubble, then our life is in real danger.The suicidal tendency occurs when thin bubble of hope ruptures, creating a panic in mind of person.Hence we have to live in bubble of hope balancing the external forces, to live a colorful life.


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    • profile image

      Madhukar Reddy 22 months ago

      Awesome ..Hope is the thing with feathers ..That perches in the soul

      And sings the tune without the words ..And never stops at all..

    • profile image

      Narsim 22 months ago

      Very nice and interesting article. Good explanation about life.

    • Lavanya Lanka profile image

      Lavanya Lanka 22 months ago

      Inspiring one!!!!!!

      thank you hub pages and my humble appreciation to Mothi Satish Reddy

    • v921992venkat profile image

      v921992venkat 22 months ago

      nice article regaurding hope & life....... need some more eloboration

    • profile image

      anusha reddy 22 months ago

      Very intersting article

    • profile image

      Nagarani Vinjamuri 22 months ago

      Very nice article... Keep writing... :)

    • profile image

      Hari 22 months ago

      Very nyc article,which inspires & motivates every 1 .....

    • profile image

      Vasu 22 months ago

      Really interesting one...very nicely narrrated

    • Rajesh Gorla profile image

      Rajesh Gorla 22 months ago

      excellent article. hope is the driving force for life.would be great to hear from you some advice on how to build the positive hope when people feel down.

    • profile image

      Ashwitha 22 months ago

      Good explanation about life

    • profile image

      MOHAN ROY 22 months ago

      “I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge". That myth is more potent than history. hope is more powerful than facts. It always triumphs over experience.

      Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all.

      can you suggest how to build up a bubble of hope practically ?

    • profile image

      Shruthi 22 months ago

      Nice explanation about life..

    • profile image

      Bhagawathi 22 months ago

      Excellent sir ..very well explained

    • profile image

      rahul inspire 22 months ago

      "Bubble of hope" was good one....

    • profile image

      Sruthi 22 months ago

      Nice analogy! Good one .

    • profile image

      shravani 22 months ago

      Too gud

    • profile image

      Nirmal 22 months ago

      Nice comparison about life would have been better if you would have explained detailedly how to get back hope if the bubble of hope ruptures.... hope you illustrate that in your next article....

    • profile image

      Rakesh 22 months ago

      gud one...

    • profile image

      Rajesh 22 months ago

      Very Nicely explained .

    • profile image

      santhosh 22 months ago

      In life, there are many intangible and indescribable things. However, despite the fact that they are not things that we can hold in the palm of our hands they are cornerstones of our existence.

      In fact, for many people it is these things that get them through the trials and tribulations that life can bring. Love, faith, and hope are things that we rely on and look for in life, but sometimes truly understanding them is a challenge. In fact, hope is one of those intangible things that we hold closest to our hearts, but the question is why?

      Better yet, what is hope? One definition of hope is "cherishing a desire with anticipation," but what does that really mean? When you hope for something you dream about it. You dream about what it would mean to you, and that makes you want it. With each thought, that desire increases exponentially, and it grows until you start to feel excitement and anticipation about the possibilities that the future could bring to you.

      You never know, sometimes your hope can be so strong that it will inspire those around you. After all, isn't that the world that we all hope to live in?

    • Sahitya Malipeddi profile image

      Sahitya Malipeddi 22 months ago

      yes hope makes life more livable ,hope makes us strong ,hope takes us towards light in dark times.

    • profile image

      Supraja 22 months ago

      Interesting and good to know the information.

    • profile image

      Shyam Kumar 22 months ago

      The Bubble phenomenon is very predicament in our life, as our abilities & nature has been neatly explained with utmost care. This concept has delved deeply into our minds and categorized the flavors of our human lives

    • Sravanthi Reddy profile image

      Sravanthi Reddy 22 months ago

      A very good comparision to balanced life and a thin bubble...both relates very well ,life and the bubble...equilibrium is essential in both cases...well versed..

    • Srikanth Peechara profile image

      Srikanth Peechara 22 months ago

      very good read, In our fast paced world this really is a glimmer of hope and forces us to rethink and reflect about our life and lifestyle. well done

    • profile image

      pankaj sharma 22 months ago

      We live in Thin Bubble of Hope. thats right. This is well organised, with an introduction, clear development, and an appropriate conclusion.

    • profile image

      nagendra kumar 22 months ago

      this is very good and heart touching. Including relevant details to support the main idea is really great. I may suggest you that this might include more live examples, rhetorical questions , controversial or surprising statements... If you include a drawback, give a possible solution, too.