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5 Things You Should Never Concern Yourself With In Life

Updated on March 30, 2016

Ideas can point you in the direction of righteousness or to the destination of darkness. Your decisions in life determine your happiness, pains, or regrets.

That no one can afford to be weak or make a mistake is very sad. What's sadder are the useless and annoying ideas we allow to develop and consume our minds.

1. What Someone Thinks About You

If they're not bold enough to say it out loud, who cares. People get uncomfortable around someone they think don't like them or hates them.

Why? The reasons are usually stupid. Don't get me wrong, if you're doing something wrong to someone, you deserve to feel the horrible heat of someone's hateful gaze upon you.

This warning is for the people who don't know the person. This warning is for the persons assuming someone doesn't like them. This also for the people who know someone hates them.

They don't like you, so what. They think you're this or that type of person, so what.

What their problem is has absolutely nothing to do with you. You shouldn't concern yourself with all the trumped up reasons for their hatred. It's not your problem it's theirs.

Trying to fix these feelings in them isn't the best thing to do. It's incredibly wasteful. Especially when they might feel these things just to have some control over you.

So leave the problem with them, or in passing them on the street, or wherever you may be. Don't give it any thought.

2.. What Someone Thinks About Others

What someone thinks about your friend is really none of your business. What someone may think about you is something that shouldn't concern you either.

What someone is thinking shouldn't make any difference anyway. They're thinking it, so it really isn't relevant unless they say it to someone.

It really doesn't matter unless they say it to you. Here is where you would back up your friend. You would tell them to mind their own business etc...

Until they say it to you, it doesn't exist. Never allow yourself to assume things, you'll ruin the peace in your own life.

3... Things Other People Don't Like

If someone doesn't like getaways, so what, they don't like traveling. They may not like fruit placed in a bowl. They may not like pizza or flags or opinions. Why are you upset?

I've experienced the anger, haughtiness, or hatred of some people towards others because that person doesn't like what they like. It's more scary than anything else.

This is the most commonly practiced idea that multitudes of people slip into everyday without noticing it. It happens in the issue of homosexuality, gun control, and cuisines etc...

For your own peace of mind, just ignore what others don't like. It's not like you can make anyone change their mind.

Your future is not exactly dependent on their feelings, so it's no big deal to change their mind.

4.... The Inconsiderate

Most people attempt to be understanding in certain conversations. That this one doesn't like helping people is not something you can help them with.

That they think people are diseases, well, there's no cure for some levels of stupidity. That they have no concerns about anyone but themselves is not something someone made an elixir for.

Forget it, you won't find a cure on the shelf in Rite Aid. These are their internal issues.

Whatever judgement is coming in their future, I guarantee no one is going to ask you for your input. It's a waste of your mental time and life progression to care.

Let the inconsiderate be inconsiderate because this way has a way of only hurting them.

5..... Being Like Someone Else

You'll take it too far and end up in the crazy house or an insane asylum. You never really know what it takes to be someone else until you're cast into their shoes.

You could say how you would deal with things, not deal with things and so forth... but you would be just talking. You will never know until you end up in their position.

Don't waste your time proving something to yourself or someone else. Some people's lives won't kill THEM or drive THEM crazy but, it could kill YOU and have you talking to your friend the rubber ducky.

Last Note

You can't change anyone. Not everyone is going to change for you. Some, who have changed for others, only did for a little while.

Most of the things I've listed and elaborated on are mental devices used for attention. Most people who insult you constantly, talk behind your back loudly, and do rude things in your face, really just want your attention.

One must accept this behavior in stride, it just takes longer for some people to grow up.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      TFR @Miller2232. Glad you liked it, and agree, and voted it up. Thanks.

    • Miller2232 profile image

      Sinclair Miller III 4 years ago from Florida

      Voted up and never concern yourself with thing that are out of your control.