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Things No Book Will Ever Teach You

Updated on May 17, 2013

What can't books teach us?

Books contain a lot of information but not everything we need to know is going to be in them. They can only give us an idea of what something is because what we’re going to feel when faced with given situations is different from what we’re going to read. Experience is still the best teacher. I can say this because no book ever taught me how to keep believing after being lied to, how to pick up the pieces after falling and how to love like it’s the easiest way to cope with failure.

1. How to keep believing after being lied to

No one ever gave me a manual on how to keep believing after being lied to. When I first found out that I was lied to, I was so angry and confused. I felt like I was betrayed by the person I trusted the most. I didn’t know who to trust. These things caused my anger and confusion. After the anger and confusion came the pain and horrible feeling of being lied to. It was horrible and heartbreaking. It was as if I didn’t know who or what to believe in. It was like all the things I know were all lies. And the lies hurt more because the person who lied to me was important. In the end, I realized that not everything you’re going to believe is real. But I also know that not everyone is going to lie to you and that you must keep the faith. There may be a lot of stories about pain and deception but I never knew how painful it truly was until it happened to me.

2. How to pick up the pieces

Books didn’t teach me how to find my strength to pick up the pieces and to keep moving forward. I had to do it on my own. Although books have a lot of stories about failures, the real thing is still different. Ideas are still different from experience. Each experience is different because the way of thinking of each person is different. This means that the feeling each person will have is different. From my experience, I learned that failures are really inevitable but they shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, failures should push you further into learning. They should be used as an inspiration to do better. Also, failures don’t make a person any less valuable or important. What really matters is how they are dealt with.

3. Love can help us cope with failures

Finding out that to love is the easiest way to cope with failure cannot be derived from books. I learned this with the help of the people around me. At first, I thought that to love was the hardest thing to do. But once I surrendered myself to God and to life, love pulled everything together. Suddenly, everything became easier for me because the love I have for life made everything more beautiful. The love that I have for God made me see things in a new light. I guess you can say that I was awakened. I mean, books may have given me a lot but the theories that I gained from them is still different from how you’re really going to respond to failure. I think that this is because this response is dependent on the situation and on the people involved.

What has reading books given you?

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Experience helps us understand

There are things that we may read about from books but we will never understand or learn them until we are faced with them. This is why I believe that experience is still the best teacher. Why? Because you’ll never really know how it feels until you have been in that situation yourself. Other people may disagree but I still believe that books can never give us both the idea and the real feeling of the situation. I believe this because the feelings that will be felt are dependent on the situations of the people.

Books will always have a special part in my heart. But I have come to find that I cannot learn everything just by reading. How about you? What things did you learn from your experiences?


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