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Things To Remember

Updated on October 18, 2010
I Love You Always
I Love You Always

A diamond in the rough, a heart made of gold,

words left unsaid, stories left untold.

Things to remember, things I try to forget

a million thoughts run through my head

I feel you with me yet.

Things I wish I'd done things I thought we would do,

now I'm here alone, lost without you.

Things to remember, that never leave my mind,

you went away and left me, all I have is time.

Time to remember the words we didn't say,

you left me here alone and you went away.

Emotions overwhelm me, I suffer in despair,

your gone from me now and I can't find you here.

Things to remember always on my mind,

all pressed together, the good and bad times.

Things to remember that are seared in my soul,

but your not here with me now, no one left to hold.

Things to remember, memories of you and me

a story cut to short, a life now empty.

Things to remember with every tear that falls,

drowning the sorrow in my heart, you and I we had it all.

Things to remember I try so hard to forget,

but the thought of you still lingers

"your the one I can't forget".


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    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

      Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. Memories are the photographs of our minds. Visions of ones past experiences left behind. Voted up, marked beautiful!