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Things from Hometown #1

Updated on July 26, 2017
janaxgigi profile image

I've been creting stories since i can remember, starting when i was around 12 years old, always with a new story, always with a new dream.


The graveyard

The main character from this story is my oldest cousin, she was arround 3 years old when it happened, my aunt (not her mom), was in charge of the care of a cementery, but she has to do something in that specific day, so she requested the help from her sister, at that time, my other aunt was without a job, then she took the opportunity and went with her husband for just one night.

When they arrived with her daugther, around 5 pm, everthing was normal, the job was simple, just had to stay there for the night, and there was a little cabin to sleep, so when the night came up, the family locked up themselves. Around 10 pm the nightmare started, they began to hear laughs and whistles from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, the walls shaked like someone wanted to knocked them down, all of them were crying, embracing themselves, they endure the attack that last for almost 7 hours without sleeping.

My aunt still remember that place, and she says that she does not want to go back there, and that she may know the person that was attacking them and the reason why.

The Crib

In my town, in old times, the people used to say that when a baby is not baptized, witches used to kill them, or just make them sick, this story happened to my younger brother, is a very short story, but in rainy days, its always was something amusing to hear from the old people.

My mother said that when my brother was around one year old, she used to put him on the crib facing up, and that some minutes later, somehow, when she returned to the room, he was facing down. In other occasions, he was found under the bed, sleeping, and that was something that scared my mother a lot, so she did all the preparations to baptize him, and after that, nothing else happened, those weird things just stopped.

To tell you the truth, we believe that the culprit was one of our family members, my mother's cousin, they said that she is a witch, and that she was very interested in my brother or any baby that wasn't baptized.

The Pig

Since before I was born, my father was never scared about the supernatural things that he found, dad always used to say that the only thing we need to be afraid of is from the living, the dead are dead.

A couple of years ago, my father was working for a beauty salon, painting the walls when they closed after 9 pm, it was a normal job. The thing got weird when one day, my father was working on the second floor, but he heard like if someone was dragging the furniture, when he looked to the first floor, he saw several nuns, just standing there, he continued working, even when the sound of the dragging was still heard.

Next morning, he spoke to the owner, and he said that it was normal, the mall was built over an old convent, where the nuns where buried in their own mausoleum.


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