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Things that annoy me like crazy!!!

Updated on November 29, 2011

Ever in a mood to just rant??? Me too!! So sit back with a mug of tea/ coffee and enjoy my winging- or even better, join in ;)

I hate it when

... I turn the house upside down to find something that's missing and someone asks, "where was it last?" - If I knew where it was last I would know where it is now, unless it's developed the ability to walk!!

...Someone says "it's always in the last place you look..." - Really?? You mean you don't keep looking for something after you've found it???

...When I'm standing at the bus stop in the rain or the feezing cold and my bus sails right past me so I have to run after it to make it stop- only to be told by the bus driver (with an attitude) "You should have held you're hand out. I'm not psychic,am I??" - erm bus stop not a clue??

...When people talk loudly on their mobile phones. - my grandma can get away with it because she still thinks distance is a problem. What's your excuse??

...When mothers use their prams to dominate walkways or for right of way in the shopping center/ supermarket. - I know I don't have a vehicle so you can technically argue right of way with you're buggy, but if I see you later when I have a trolley you're done for!!

It drives me crazy when

... After 10 years of having a mobile phone and having the concept carefully explained to her, my mother still never leaves her house with it!! - Never mind mother, if you are ever in the next room and verbal communication is necessary then I will call you....The irony is it annoys her when people call her within the house to put the kettle on! :O ;p

...Attempting to gain entry to a new set of headphones. This is true of memory cards, phone cases I loathe the plastic fort- knox! Grrr

...Drivers don't indicate they are about to turn and almost knock you over. - If you don't give me an indication that you're going to turn, then I won't give you any indication that I'm going to turn into a militant pedestrian!!

...People try to talk to you when you're counting- 1,2,3,7,12,11,98... arghhh!!!

...The I finally get through to a real person on the phone-banking line and they ask me to tell them my account details.. - but I thought I gave them to the automated voice before waiting for 20 minutes to better assist me!! :<

...Sorry, but it drives me utterly batty when people take pictures of themselves in a mirror- especially if it's with a camera phone. - That's just so desperately vain. Stop it! Stop it now!!

That's all for now. I don't know If I've got that off my chest, or if I'm even more worked up now that I've done that... :P Nah, I feel much better :)

Always happens at the least convenient moment... :-( grrr!
Always happens at the least convenient moment... :-( grrr!

Animals have it so much easier...? :P


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    • profile image

      Lone Ranger 6 years ago

      Grace, you are such a doll!

      Well, I get kinda hot under the collar when someone pulls their car right out in front of me tempting a tragedy, when there isn't another car behind me for 1/4 mile.

      I also silently stew when I patiently work my way through a line and just before I get to the service clerk, the phone rings and they excuse themselves in order to help the person on the phone for 5 minutes, when I drove all the way across town just to see them.

      I also turn three shades of red when I am walking through a beautiful park and I see someone walking off after allowing their dog to deposit a steaming 3-pound Scooby-stack right in the walk-way.

      I am sure there are other things that get under my skin, but I tend to be a very flexible person unless it's a matter of morality, then I can become a real hell-cat. :0)

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 6 years ago from North Texas

      Love your photos! Interesting hub.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 6 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      One just occurred! My comment was lost into the ether after I had written exactly, precisely what I wanted to write!

      As best I can reconstruct it: Awesome, awesome photo to illustrate your ranting feelings! I couldn't have imagined a better photo for them! I add this one of many, of mine: You have stood in line for service an interminably long time. You are finally at the head of the line for YOUR turn, and the phone goes "dingaling." That person, called a Customer Service Rep, picks up the phone and to the dingalinger sweetly says: "Hello may I help YOU?" He or she didn't shout, but I still understood very clearly that that dingalinger had priority over ME---even though my waiting was from a long distance! Great Hub, and you will get a thousand of these to add on (conservatively speaking.) But, if I think of another one bigger than this one, I will try to avoid the temptation to might be serving someone who's been waiting longer.