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Think Things

Updated on July 21, 2016
People Scuffling For Things
People Scuffling For Things

Everyone wants things
This thing, that thing, every damn thing
Things make us lust, makes us want, makes us commit murder
Things make us move near, things make us go further
The things of this earth which man has made as made us mad
Killing for things and leaving many families sad
Things makes governments lie
Things makes the cheating wife cry
Things make us have no loyalty, no pride
Just for a few stupid things many people have died

Hey, look at these shiny new things, do you like them?
How about a hot night out, maybe you can earn 'em
Just for a few things, this little girl is now a hooker
Now her mother cries shame when the cops book her
Look at that young fool boasting about his nice fancy ride
And young girls sticking out their tongues, half naked inside
What is it about things that people loose their senses for
Even the world leaders, because of things they go to war
They say it was he who stole the man's watch and chopped off his hand
Just for one thing the cops hunted him and shot him dead in the sand

A nice fancy home, beautiful expensive clothes, expensive wine and a yacht on the sea
Many things there to sell our souls for, things for him, things for her, things for she
Now the husband plots his wife murder for a million dollar policy to get her things
Forgetting the vows he made when they both exchanged rings
Things corrupt us,
Things make us do crazy things
A world based upon things, can only produce chaos and even more sins



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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      thanks franko

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 14 months ago from Shelton

      I have to agree with Jodah on this hub Jive Clive.. creative piece of words..:)

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      thanks much ruby

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 14 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Things-things-things, why do we love things that glitter? Reminds me of the song, ' everything that glitters is not gold 'You are correct, things are just thingies.....Creative and thought provoking Clive!!!

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      Hey Jodah, Too much things are quite distracting from things that really matter

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      A very creative hub/poem, Clive. You are right, this is a world full of things, with people doing bad things to attain certain other things etc. I enjoyed this mean hub.