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Think of me

Updated on January 26, 2012

Think of me

It’s a burning

A tearing

From the inside

Whenever I think you don’t care for me

But what else could I think

When I know you lied

When you crushed me

And let someone else crush me

But just decided to wait it out

Its just like with anyone I care for

If for even a moment I feel that someone I love doesn’t care for me

I look at this blade and I imagine plunging it into my arm

And pulling it free

Tearing away the flesh

And the veins

And letting the tears flow

But I know I don’t have the courage

To End it all

I have spilt my blood a hundred times

And a hundred times again

But to end it all

I cant bring myself to do that

I picture you far to often

But it forms tears in my eyes

That spill forth unhindered by my shame

Its not as if im not in love with you

Heh… the hearts a fickle thing

But when it comes to me

I have loved more times than I care to count

And meant it every time

And yet somehow

You cant bring yourself to care for me

Or even think of me

At any moment of any day

Unless im sitting right in front of you

But it seems just like everyone else

Those I love like a brother

Those I love like a lover

And those I love just enough to call it love

You don’t care to think of me at all

And it crushes me all over again

Just to know

You don’t think of me

That no one thinks of me


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