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Third Eye & The Divine Lie

Updated on July 11, 2017
The Third looks beyond this world.
The Third looks beyond this world. | Source

Third Eye & the Divine lie

Ever heard, what a trance sounds like?

Spaceships emerge, spaced out from sight

Consciousness explodes. Lysergic Acid settling tight

Incense we ignite, for sweet smelling soot

Indulge in lust, or maybe some love? Your soul, stands for plunder & loot

Language in limbo, to “structure”, and “font”

You start, to “do good”, end up savaged, ravaged, ghoulish, & gaunt

Hunger, the need, to gratify each head, indeed

“They all seek thrills, blood curdling chills”

Whispered, the “Bard”, flocking his herd

“This world, a mere frame, the picture, the same, be it absolute, or absurd”

“No need to paint, some as sinner, rest as saint”

“You merely live, tough to take, easy to give”

“Children have lost their way, each day”, reminisced the “One Eyed Priest”

“This life, merely your own two feet, now scram, to some sheltered retreat”

“Why look above? Down here, you beat, the heat”

“Why fast, this mast? Life is a number, you never outlast”

“What you reap, is what you sow, there is nothing else, left to know”

“The fruits of labor, never enough, each deed, neutral in name”

“Be it, in silence, as you sit still. Be it… violence, as you go for the kill”

“The nice, mere mice, always first, to depart”

“We can’t let them finish, what we start”

“Remember, each martyr now? Mayhem struck them, right through the heart”

The Bard, lay baffled, at his bewildered sheep

The “One Eyed Priest”, finally alive, countless deaths, woke him, from eternal sleep

Slayers, always true, those prayers an abyss, dark, and deep.

Welcome to life, ask a battered wife, how she felt?

Whipped by that shiny sadist belt?

Those prayers deny, truth or lie. Human history, a mercenary’s tale

Hands plead. Pupils cry “Enough”. Breath stops. Your body fails.

“Life spent acquiring, all the stuff”

“Stuff either straight, narrow, or crude”

“Does not matter you are polite, or obnoxiously rude”

“Why define our nature? Just look at this Earth”

“The guilty, live rich, the innocent, starve in dearth”

“Born in a bib, the call of this culture”

“ To die, at the hands, of some vermin, and vulture”

Plastic courtesies distinguish, the politically correct, you bet

“ As you enter this void, we all start, to sweat”

“Make them pay”, howls the “Priest”, bloodshot his stare, about to defile

Lips curled, about to smile, those lips so livid, virtuous, yet vile

Teeth, stained with green, that mouth, engulfed in fire

The “Priest”, beckons his prey, to teach them, the “only” way

“Children, when you grow old, and hopefully brave, and bold”

“Look back, some day, count each blessing, along the way”

“Then rage forth, like thunder. You all shall pay, for Mankind’s blunder”

“A president, wants a wall, minorities, forever stand small”

“Some terrorist, wants to grin, bloodbaths, the only way, we win”

“Some child, running wild, finds a throat, holds a knife”

“The age of ten, his Art of Zen, for a loaf of bread, he takes another life”

“A mother, cries in pain, a drunk father, beats their son, in vain”

“You children, better be wary, for people alone, are truly scary”

“You won’t find, a Bible to scrape, in face of molesters, who revile in rape”

“You children, better run, at the sight of hoodlums, drawing a gun”

“You children, might not get to eat, you might have to bite,your own feet”

“You children, might never get old, a few survive, the rest, take their toll”

“You children, need to be scared, not of the Devil, or some mythological Hero

“You children, better be scared, cost of life, in this land, amounts to Zero”

“You children, better learn, that politicians beg, borrow, steal, and burn”

“You children, better grow up, before you are lost, never to be found”

“Look, before your eyes glisten, listen, to each, and every murderous sound”

“Take a step back, this Earth , seldom orbits, around”

“Your fate, is never straight”

“Many left behind, for you, to get ahead”

“You children, say your prayers, a silhouette silently lurks, behind your bed"

The “Priest” recounted, one last round, his eye a ghastly orange, his lips now dripping blood

The children could sense, he was tense, his tears, an incoming flood

“ You children, if you must, never ever trust, those special chosen few”

“Those rosary beads, you play around with, will blind you, black and blue”

The final step, to the curtain call, is to always live “life on the wire”

“Set those tiny eyes, to scales of deadpan desire”

“Miracle in each drug, willing to take us higher”

“ Sobriety a curse, and so is the weight, of your purse”

“Health a downward spiral, never enough to nurture, or nurse”

“Safety a net, you might need, to cut”

“Security a door, you will need, to shut”

“Do not pray, forever grey, those bloodthirsty bonds, left astray, by each Book”

“No need to pardon, no need to pray”

“A few live past today, the rest, die another day”

“All stems from hay, molded to clay”

“Life simply a loan, repaid, at your tombstone”

“ So fly, before you vanish, leap, before you fall”

“The mind knows it all, the mind takes a hike”

“Ever heard? what a trance, sounds like?”

“Spaceships emerge, spaced out from sight”

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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