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Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review

Updated on November 29, 2013
13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why | Source

What makes a book phenomenal? Is it the narrative? The Story? The Characters? Let me tell you what makes a book phenomenal, great, and truly an experience. When you make a book, you want to let the readers not just read the book, but you want them to immense themselves, put themselves into the book. You want them to feel for the characters, you want them to know the characters by heart and mind. It's pretty much letting them live into your book for a moment, giving them the atmosphere, the imagination, the creation they ever wanted. Bestsellers are made because of the way they make a book, not just a book, instead these authors make a book an experience of a lifetime, a ticket to another world. And to tell you guys, Thirteen Reasons Why will give you all of these in one single book.

Jay Asher delivered a fresh idea into an amazing book and he did it with style. When I read the summary of the book, I just thought that I need to read this and feel this for myself. And there are a lot of feelings, emotions, that each of the readers that would feel when they read this book. It will suck you into the position of the characters, and it will make you smile, cry, and suffer the unrelenting storyline and feeling of helplessness and despair. It will leave a lesson and a mark into your life.



There are many main characters, aside from Clay and Hannah. Each chapter(or episode) is always a different one, and always different characters. There's about two chapters with the same character implied, but that is all.

The characters are well made, like the rest of the book, they have their own stories and their own reactions to whatever they did to Hannah. Each of them go through different things, after listening to her tapes. Their lives are changed, the same way Clay's life changed. Some of them are unfortunate enough to be bullied now than ever, some feel sadness, when some just try to get over it and act like nothing happened. There are some who haven't listen to the tapes yet so there is no conclusion to them yet.

Hannah, the main character, even though, dead, was still able to make her own appearances, in the presence of the tapes. Jay, was able to make her alive through those tapes and it gave enough story for the readers to feel for her. She was the main reason why the book is really amazing because of her haunting stories that literally came from the grave.

Clay, another main character, somehow represents the reader and how they feel. Jay was able to see through and made a character like him so that the readers can feel and understand more, and it would help themselves to enter the story much more easier. Personally, he gave me reason to actually cry, because if my love one, a friend, a crush, or my girlfriend does such a thing, I would just feel like Clay felt, helpless and in despair.

There are more characters that I can consider main ones. Since the book is separated by Hannah's stories. I don't want to put them here because it would spoil the book, but there I promise that each character is interesting and represents who some people are.


This is a book that is pure masterpiece. An idea that came to life and can change the way we look at things. Jay Asher created more than just a book but an experience, a slice of life. Some of us can relate to this book, some may feel haunted, but one thing is for sure, we will all feel helpless when this happens and we all feel despair.

That is what I learned, what gave a mark in my life, is that we have to always help, and always be careful of what we do, because it will always affect others, directly or indirectly. What will always matter is what we do, not what we think that we need to do. The book change me, not completely, but it changed the way I look at life, and at others.

The book may not leave a positive mark into your life, or positive lesson. But it will change you the way you look at life and at different things. Because in the end, you are some other person's Thirteen Reasons Why.

My Score: 10/10 "Truly a masterpiece."

If you guys wish to buy :)

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