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This Is How I Know

Updated on March 6, 2014

God is real and this is how I know. I see beautiful things that God created all around me. When I'm outside I hear birds chirping and see wind blowing the trees. In Genesis 1:1 the bible tells us "God made the heavens and the earth." In Genesis 1:3 he said, "Let there be light." and the sun was created. God wakes me up every morning. He works miracles. He gave me family and friends to love and also the ability to love them in return. Laughing makes me feel good and God brings that joy to my life. I hear God's voice speaking to me. He makes things move along so smoothly for me when I'm on the right track. I see goodness in other people and it lets me know that God is real. Each day, let's remember the things that let us know that God is real and present in our lives and remember to give thanks for them.


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