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This Is Me Walking Away

Updated on April 11, 2013
Author Vanessa T Williams
Author Vanessa T Williams | Source

My Stride is Monumental

You have never noticed my stride. I assure you this time you will. You keep me under constant submission by hypnotizing me with your eyes. They conveyed emotions that commanded me to stay. Notice now as I turn my head-notice as I walk away.

The grass seemed so soft in our land, you kept me inside and you pretended to have a plan. Naïve I listened and with optimism- I waited. I kept hope. You kept contemplating; one hand in my pocket and the other around my heart. False ambitions from a joker; a false man; a false start. Our gate stayed open so that you could sneak out and in. My heart was open because I did not want to live in sin.

Notice the dip in my hips and the strut I master as I leave your domain. Notice my pep and my persistence as I make this getaway. The bondage was brutal and your technique was bold. Hold fast deceitful one, the last of this story has yet to unfold.

The fool, the joker, you are a jester of the court. Ridiculed by nobility and praised by those with treacherous hearts. Seeking the acceptance of the world you tried to tear my life apart. Never wanted to be a husband- you just liked the rank. I walk away from you forever -this is no prank.

This is me walking away. The road is bumpy right here outside our fence; I didn’t notice it while I was trapped within. You can keep all the things you promised to give. Take those lies to someone else while you change the lifestyle that they have come to live.

You are a leach, an imposter, a reckless soul; you are tired and expired, anxiety and immorality permeates from your soul. I value my life and I value my task. This is me walking away and you could just kiss my ass.

To my fans,

I apologize for the profanity.



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