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This Is Only One Way

Updated on September 6, 2017

To Search And Find Our Own Energy

Each day begins when we open our minds

Where we sniff like a hound dog

For a word or a kind thought

A memory so good we would never forget

To a place we have been or the people who we have met

Neither here nor there

Our mind gives us the chance

To explore the world we see

Are you ready to pounce ?

After you have seen that cat jump on its prey

Is there a simpler way

Being so focused and motivated

That nothing will stop you

Waking up can be hard to do

Pressing all your buttons at once

So you can push each day a little farther

Not crawling under the blanket

Only to sleep a little more

Ready with excitement and energy

That can't be formulated in an energy drink

Because all they do is pump you up

Until later when you crash

Then you are not better off

Do you really think another drink would do the trick ?

How long can you keep going ?

What long term affect on your body do they have ?

We need something that is not a fake fix

Yes we have to be stimulated

Getting you ready to rock

To lasso that motivation for it to last

Not just for today but for years in the future

You have to have desire

A reason to reach forward with all your strength

That is real power

Raw energy that is pure

One that can be grown and harvested

Look at the way corn is carefully cultivated

To produce year after year

The best yield for the smallest amount of space

How can we learn from nature ?

Organizing our thoughts and our progress

Following a pattern

One that is successful

Not everyone will see what you see

Those who do will know what you are trying to do

It takes sheer determination

Our imagination is our resource

That we can tap into like sap from a tree

Bringing life into all that we do

A passion that only increases over time

Sometimes we are the only ones to rise up

To poke our nose into each adventure

That takes courage

Seeing the same world that other people see

Taking other peoples faults and disappointments

Twisting each moment so slightly

Finding they are really rare magnificent finds

That our blessings hidden as challenges

For us to break through all barriers

Rejoicing in our great fortune

Learning to use power of pleasure

Finding new ways to do any old thing


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 months ago

      Ms. Dora There is so much to life. Every time I think I have found something I realize I am only scratching the surface. Much like a dog with fleas. You have the itch and it is not going away. You can scratch and you feel better. Then the itch is back itchier than ever. Instead of fleas I like to think people have these little fellas dressed up as ideas trying to get us motivated and excited all the time. These little helpers have only one purpose in life to find a home. If we don't take them in they will find someone else who will. These little fellas take nothing personal and love to go from person to person. It's a game of hop, skip and jump. I can go on and on but that is my short version. If people realize all ideas in the world are not mine or yours they are everyone's to share and enjoy. Thank you for reading and sharing. With the bad hurricanes lately I hope you and your family are safe and out of harms way. Have a beautiful night one that keeps you repeating so much love and joy for years to come.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 months ago from The Caribbean

      ". . . energy That can't be formulated in an energy drink." "Our imagination is our resource That we can tap into like sap from a tree." Seemingly simple sentences with layers of deep meaning. Properly constructed!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee With the new which is really the old I toss around like a favorite old hat. I put it on and no matter how old it is or even if it a little bit worn and faded in my mind it brings back all the love when I first bought it. When I put it on it keeps the sun off my head so I don't get a sunburn. It keeps me cooler when I am in the garden or in the yard cutting the grass. I can't help it when it gets dirty sometimes. My hat can be washed and it is meant to be worn. When I put it on a shelf and say boy I love that hat. Until I get a different hat. I have to wear a hat in work and when I was young I never wore hats. So it is kind of strange that I now where hats. I never found an interest and didn't understand why other people would wear them. I think of things like this and my thoughts behind what I am thinking and try to explain it the best way I can. Each day feels like the same old day. I wake up do a few things around our home sometimes I find the time to write. My wife and I talk and get breakfast ready later lunch. Soon we get ready for work and off we go. We come home early in the morning and I do a little more writing and my wife watches a little t.v. then off to the showers and off to bed again. Small changes here or there. On our days off we do laundry and food shopping. I try to tackle bigger projects and sometimes we just relax and enjoy. Now on the surface we do what we always do. Underneath in my mind I try to explore so many new experiences that take place. My wife will complain when she can't find a cover to something or if a recipe she tries on line doesn't come out right. I try writing a poem and keep changing it trying to say what I mean but come up with words. Not the right words. So I struggle with meanings and thoughts. Imaginary but very real to me. I keep tapping into my memories and see what I have and wonder why I think this way. I look around our simple home and find great joy talking about our toaster that if we forget what we are doing we burn the toast. One setting is too light. So when we put it in again we have to pull it up early. Our cat charlotte will claw our curtains or climb on the counter. No matter how many times we say no she does it any way. Then later she will lie down on top of me and show me so much love. How is Sid these days ? Charlotte misses her friend. Thank you for reading and sharing. My thoughts have a beginning but no end.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      It is always a pleasure to find ways to make old things seem new again.