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"Thinking of Branch'e"

Updated on January 7, 2016

One of the best cities in the world. "Paris the City of Lights"

Paris will rise again and the distinguished branché neighbourhood strike back;

religions, beliefs, passions and governments must unite with pride like never before

The reality is Islamic terrorists killing innocents is murder (and forbidden by Islam)

through evil attacks and human bombs; humanity has been compromised,

the whole world must call out that Islamic law is forbidding of any murder

European-American Christians should never disregard that what seeks to divide us,

only cowards assault industrious innocent patrons savouring the fruit of their labour,

use social media to advance responsiveness and facts of deceitful Islamic rebels,

our future world must campaign to eradicate this evil and all terrorist acts,

as the world worships Face-book, and Instagram, it must never forget Charlie,

an area not a creative enclave recognised as a world melting pot for new bohemians,

pray for and may long live the branché neighbourhood.


The Real Paris

In Paris -Le Marais a  Yiddish business.
In Paris -Le Marais a Yiddish business. | Source
Store on Champs-Elysees
Store on Champs-Elysees | Source
The most famous structureon Champs Elysees.
The most famous structureon Champs Elysees. | Source


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