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This is what it was meant to be, this is Love

Updated on March 21, 2012

This is what was meant to be, this is love

They sat there, eyes fixated on one another

the glasses clinking and dishes clanking did not faze them one bit

the others in the room never seemed to exist

the world at that moment stood still

and all there was left was the two of them

the young hearts beated

their minds raced

who in the world mattered at a time like this

the time when it all comes together

when every moment led them to where they sat

in the small cafe that overlooked the harbour

every step they took led them to this table that connected them both

the people on the streets outside were placed there

just like those two, they were meant to be there

maybe it won't work, maybe in months or years to come they will leave eachother

and find that they were meant for another

but now, this moment, it is perfect, it is what is meant to be

not a doubt in the air that surrounds them

they hold on to every word the other has to say

and tastes it with such delight

as if every word that came from one anothers mouth was the first word they ever heard

as if every movement made was as beautiful and elegant as the first

with every time their eyes met their heart's pace quickened

this is what it was all meant to be, this is love.


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    • profile image

      Awesome sauce 5 years ago

      Well this is poetic. Cos it's a poem, like. BUT I LOVE IT, LIKE. Guess who.