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Thomas Kyd & Christopher Marlowe: A Life Summary

Updated on September 15, 2017
Christopher Marlowe
Christopher Marlowe
  • Thomas Kyd

Very little is known about Kyd's existence. Born in 1558, son of a London scrivener, he was educated at the Merchant Taylor's School of London. He seemed to have been a close friend to Marlowe and shared his subversive views. In 1583 Kyd was accused of distributing seditious libels and arrested; his admissions seemed to have helped his friend Marlowe's downfall. The author died in poverty in 1594.

  • Christopher Marlowe

Marlowe, the son of a well-to-do shoemaker, was born in 1564 in Canterbury; he was educated at Cambridge, where he graduated as Master of Arts. Once his education was completed, Marlowe was soon attracted to the London stage: he joined the Lord Admiral's Company and became an actor and a playwright. Marlowe had other more dangerous interests: he was a secret agent in the government service and he never concealed his political views or his atheism. In May 1593 the arrest of Thomas Kyd caused a warrant of arrest against him too. The circumstances of his death are mysterious: in the same month he was stabbed in a tavern after a quarrel. The murder may have resulted from a definite plot, due, as some scholars believe, to Marlowe's activities as a government agent.


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    • profile image

      mathira 6 years ago

      It is always good have valuable information about certain things we do not know and your hub was an discerning probe into Christopher Marlowe life.

    • profile image

      Scarlet Scrivener 6 years ago

      Very nice. I haven't looked much into Marlowe's murder, but there's obviously more to it than him just leaving the pub tipsy after an argument or some such... I can't remember the official story. Something about spy activities, atheism, his writings on the occult and being an alumnus of Cambridge all adds up to an Illuminist-like profile. I'm sure he was an occultist and surrounded by occultists, which seems to go together with the spy culture, at least, at the higher levels. (ie. Crowley, Fortune, John Dee - all occultist-government operatives in Britain). I wish I had more time to look into this idea. There's got to be a lot more to Marlowe than just what I learned about him in school!