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Those Hard Dark Days

Updated on March 14, 2017

Hard Dark Days

Hey everyone; I was talking with someone tonight, and once I was finished, I sat down and began to think. And thinking usually brings about thoughts right? Well these thoughts turned into a poem, or letter depending on how you personally see it.

But for all those who are going through hell, I ask that you keep going. I know it's hard but, well have a read and a thought developing think, because YOU matter.

Those Hard Dark Days

Father, Mother,
I've had some days,
Days that wont end,
Where demons haunt me in my sleep,
Demons that haunt me in the day,
My mind is loud,
With all the things I've had to face,
With all the things I locked away.

Sister, Brother,
I love you, I do,
I miss you dearly,
But my demons are not yours to bare,

Grandmother, Grandfather
In all your wisdom,
What do I do?
Where do I go from here?
I'm breaking from the inside,
Is there still an up?
I wish these were things I could ask,
Things I could say,
But my demons are not yours to bare.

How, tell me how do you tell your loved ones,
How, do you say "help me" I'm breaking,
Without hurting them?

Believe me,
It will hurt,
They'll all love you anyway,
They are there to help,
So bare with me.

In those hard dark days,
The days you're going through hell,
I ask you to keep going.
Keep going, Hold your head up darling,
This is your life, and it's worth it.

In those hard dark days,
There's always something,
There's always someone,
You are worth it.
You are smart,
You are meaningful,
You will be missed,
So I ask that you keep going,
Hold on to this life,
You only get it once,
Find the goodness in this life,
Hold on to it as tight as you can,
And don't let go.

-Emily <3


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