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Those Who Rule

Updated on February 13, 2013
TV is controlling your mind from Source:
TV is controlling your mind from Source:

Those Who Rule

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Lives riddled with dogmas rule the earth,

warm and content in their righteous beliefs,

and willing to instigate suffering on those

who choose not to follow.

When has any dogma proven worthwhile,

in the fair and just administration of any community,

of any society with opportunity and equity,

rule based on the happiness and prosperity of its constituents.

None such limitations of belief can secure a world without contention,

without the flawed power of oppression,

to maintain rule and to segregate the classes,

for the express purpose of control and manipulation.

All political based dogmas have that purpose, ultimately,

and capitalism even more so than the failed socialism of the past,

offering no more than a crumb of principle,

for a lifetime of manipulation and servility.

We, the pawns of the glory of wealth,

are fed enough to find contentment in our mediocrity,

while those who command markets pull the strings,

for our deluded entertainment and pacification.

Until the 'dollar' ceases to dictate the manner of rule,

no society will find true fulfilment and happiness,

other than the game itself, the lie that we are pushed into,

every second, minute and hour of every day of our lives.


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