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Though I Walk in The Valley of Darkness

Updated on February 7, 2013

The Lost Sheep


The Lost Sheep


I am the lost sheep,

The one the Good Shepherd

Has not forgotten

But has left the 99

To find and safely keep.

The irony is so rotten

I laugh until I weep.

I must remind myself

Not to bah or bleat

I have listened late

Of nights and heard the whine

Of saw through bone,

And I have heard the scream

Of those who once were lost

And then were found.

Oh, the blood upon the ground!

At first I thought it a dream—

Must be! But that sound! That sound!

I think it best to stay alone.

Perhaps I will not be seen.

Perhaps if I have no Shepherd

I shall not be missed.

What if I should want?

Where are those who did not want?

They used our blood to be spared!

Where is my lintel?

If I am found blood-haired,

Will the good one pass over me?

Will I be spared?

But what about this wolf

About whom I keep hearing?

It’s all right. I’ll take my chances.

At least he’s what he appears to be.

He does not wear my shearing.

“The Lord is my shepherd.

I shall not want.

He leadeth me, like the Other,

Beside bloody waters.

In the end I shall be led

Down a very wrong path

For his stomach’s sake.

And it is because I walk in a dark valley

That I fear less evil.

The darker the better.

Shall I be put at ease

That a table is prepared before me

When I am on the plate?

No, I shall not dwell in his house.

I heard what he did to his own son.

I’ll take my chances with the wolf.

Why not follow him?

Either way, I’m lost.

I have seen them give their children

The candy cane to cheer His birth!

Yes, the candy is sweet. I know. I know.

But follow that rod and staff to its end.

And tell me what you see?

A crook.

Joseph Pedulla

Thursday, December 6, 2012


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    • Talk N Share profile image

      Talk N Share 5 years ago

      Your kind words are appreciated. Take care.

    • Callmeishmael profile image

      Callmeishmael 5 years ago

      Thank you. God Bless You. You must be a wonderful person.

    • Talk N Share profile image

      Talk N Share 5 years ago

      May God be with you to comfort and guide, my friend.

    • Callmeishmael profile image

      Callmeishmael 5 years ago

      Thank you for your kind comment. The poem comes out of some recent difficulties I've had, but I assure you, I have not left the flock.

    • Talk N Share profile image

      Talk N Share 5 years ago

      This sounds sad. May you indeed find peace with the Lord, our Shepard, and dwell in His house forever. Hugs--