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Thoughts of a Dance prose/story

Updated on July 23, 2016

Thoughs of a Dance

Thoughts of a Dance prose

Thoughts of a Dance

I play the music

That reminds me of you

I want to dance

Through fields of flowers

Sweeping through the fields

I brush my legs

With the scent of poppies

Petals blow into the air

Casting a glance into the woods

I once again see the glimpse

That familiar cloak

My heart skips a beat

I know this time

No longer a dream

Not to be snatched away from me

You have my heart

It "now" opens

The orange poppy in my hand

The petals are so fragile

Almost too delicate

I can look through the petals

Seeing the fragile veins of life in them

Two petals drop to the ground

The scent has wafted to my senses

I remember the same scent of you

As you held me

In the field of the wolves and smiled

My eyes glance into yours

See your strength

The expression makes me dance

More and more

My body sways with the soft music

Knowing from now on

It is an eternity of our words


Thoughts of our inner souls

Seeing you stand before me…strong

Your cloak snapping in the wind

Is too much for me

I swirl around you

Brushing you with the skirt of my gown

The scent of the flowers fills your senses

Slowly I swirl around you,

Wrapping you with the rhythm of the music

You move to it…with me

My body seems to float

You match the movements

The satin of my gown

Cool to your hands

You hold me by the waist

Lean into me

Leaning back I sweep along the field

You hold me with one arm

My hair brushes the field

With a long dark stripe

Totally trusting,

I relax against your hand

Sway with you

As you lift me

Make me move to you

"My love" I whisper

Wrapping myself around you

Feeling you twirl me until we are

Lost in the dizziness of it

My legs are entwined in yours

We look like the most intricate vine

In the field

You strong as the sturdiest wood

I as the flower it bears

We collapse onto the ground

Laughing as we look into each others eyes

We listen to the wolves cry loud

Becoming as strong as our spirits are

Dedicated to TW © B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved


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    • Samantha;] profile image

      Samantha;] 6 years ago from Oregon

      Vote up and a beautiful.

      Very nice poem. I loved it.

      Happy hubbing!