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Thoughts of an Old Man Regarding The Wrinkles of His Wife

Updated on May 17, 2017

One night a couple is sitting on the sofa watching their favorite movie. Suddenly the wife said to her husband "Am I ugly? I have all this lines all over my face, I am not slim anymore, I am fat...I have grown so old. Do you still like me the way you do before?"

The husband looked at her wife and said "you look just fine"

Unsatisfied with her husband's reply, the wife got up and went to bed, thinking that her partner just gave a play safe answer.

After 2 months the wife received a call from her one friend asking her to turn the television on. The wife did as she was told, and there she saw her husband in a talk show for couples.

The host asked her husband " What was it that you want to share on all the couples out there?"

This was the husband's reply:

" A couple of months ago my wife asked me if I see her ugly, at first I do not know how to answer so I decided to give her a play safe answer. She went to bed and then I pondered on her question, and asked myself everyday how I see my wife and finally I got my concrete answer. She is not as pretty as she used to be, there are lines on her forehead and believe it or not I love those wrinkles; because each one of them signifies each moment that she furrowed her brows worrying about me.

There are lines on her eyes as well, she hates them...but I adore them because I believe that only those people who smile a lot can have them. It makes me feel good that she smiled a lot within the past 30 years when she is with me.

My wife is fat, so what? that means I am not starving her and I am fat too, that means she is taking good care of me don't you think? My wife is old and so am I, and the best part of getting as old as I am right now, is that my wife is with me; through thick and thin, sickness and in health...She has always been by my side. So if she'll ask me again if she is ugly I would say 'well not as beautiful as you want to be...but YOU ARE SO DARN WONDERFUL TO ME'"


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