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Thoughts of the Season

Updated on June 6, 2011

Thoughts of the Season

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Golden autumn leaves are strewn about the streets,

whisked here and there by intermittent gusts,

dotting the ground like oversized confetti,

their hosts like clawed stick figured sentinels.

The clouds are dark and low,

swollen puffs of brewing calamity,

hovering over a brisk waking humanity below.

They rush before the rains, rush to find their nests.

Eyes peer out into the sky from behind frosted panes,

the chill closing in, winter's grasp almost complete.

The fires are lit early, filling the air with that familiar scent,

and creating a thick haze over the valley.

The wind turns full-blown and the leafless branches

bend helplessly and make creaking sounds,

holding fast with a million tiny roots,

the earth hardened and strong, awaiting the rain.

Everything living has gone to ground,

as the rain begins with haphazard spit,

and then the building crescendo

until the clatter of rain on roofs fills the approaching night.

Lights shimmer across the surfaces,

alive with colour and vibrancy.

The rain now in torrents fighting to follow

the drainage system, but pooling, unable to keep up.

Cars fly down streets, the pools turned into water sprays

befitting a grand hotel fountain.

The streetlights invading each droplet in flight,

creating a light show, crystalline and alive.

I marvel at the transformation,

and my heart is warmed by the majesty of parading life.


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