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Thoughts on The English Language and Language in General

Updated on May 17, 2016

Words are something which we all use in our everyday lives, and they have helped to shape the world around us in which we live. Whether choosing what to watch on the television, choosing food off a menu or constructing plans for a new multi million pound building then words and symbols are something which are essentially needed. Because of the events which have shaped our modern history, the English language is today in full swing and widely used all around the globe. To find out just where this language came from we have to use something else us humans have put together with words and art, and that is history. Only today most realize that the history wrote down and left for us, documents, scriptures and even ancient tablets might not be correct history but rather a perspective of historical events. Even todays events happening in the world can be hard to get a true picture of as people reporting and investigating do so from their own unique birds eye view and point of view. This is often a very different view and perspective compared to others living in different parts of the world. So if clarity is a struggle now, then its going to be even harder when investigating the long gone ancient world.

We should not forget either that people do out right lie, and when religious dogma and politics becomes a persons motivation then lies and misguided thinking becomes second nature. Goosey gander or propaganda is far from being something new. What we do know about the English language is that it started in England as Old English, when many Germanic tribes invaded around 450 AD. Yet it wasn't this isolated event which helped shape the English language into what it is, as others also invaded Britain.

The Norse men or the Scandanavians other wise known as the Vikings made there move around 850 AD, capturing and moving into the north east. 1066 the Norman french made their move, then in 1348 the plague wiped out up to a third of the population. 1476 printing emerges and America is colonized by English speaking peoples. It was the British Historical dominance and America's modern dominance which has lifted the English language up to the world stage, and even helped to create this stage.

It is a shame but we are unaware of just where it is that language originates. Some claim it be a gift from god, others doubt that but it is intriuging to wonder how come we can do it in a world where nothing else can. Sure animals can communicate through sounds and body language and they probably sense a lot more than we give them credit for, but nothing else on this whole earth can communicate the way that we can.

The English language is not so old, and we do know that it derives from the languages Germanic, French and Latin. The Germanic tribes brought their language to Britian, as did the Scandinavians and Franks or French. Yet long before this Rome had already twice invaded and stayed in Britain. Britain was first brought into the empire when Queen Boadicea's uprising against Rome's legions was smashed. Rome would have to face and fight off the remains of celtic and Saxon tribes as well as more Germanic tribes and Vikings in the future, these all fought for power in Britian. It is this history and this fighting as well as a coming together, which resulted in the creation and shaping of the English language as we know it today. This language is today a lot bigger and more widespread than the English people themselves. The story and history of the spreading of the English language is one hell of a story, and one i'm sure will be more closely looked further at in the future.

Where would we be without language? Would we have emerged as agricultural revolutionist? If not we would not have disease like we do today in society, as the scientist's tell us today all disease was a result of the domestication of animals. Would we have ever had the cognitive revolution? Or does that come hand in hand with our ability to talk. One thing is for sure there has been some amazing things created because of our ability to communicate and speak but also lots of bad, I suppose it's up to your own conscience to decide if it has been a greater good or evil. Human rights, the Olympics even war it's all a creation of us humans put together by our ability to communicate with each other. Our communication skills has lead to us teaming up and destroying other natural beings. Neanderthals, nature, animals now non-existent and even eco-systems. I wonder has our ability to communicate really been a good thing? maybe for us but surely not for our world.


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