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Three Days To See by Helen Keller

Updated on June 14, 2020


Often the people who are physically or mentally handicapped lose heart and fall a prey to inferiority complex . They start thinking that they are not normal human beings and are so incapable of performing their normal functions .

Most of them become a burden on their parents or other relatives while some take to begging . They losing all their self-esteem they become a useless member of society .

However, a few glorious examples still illuminate the pages of history . These examples are of those brave and determined people who didn't allow their disability of any kind hinder their way to progress . In spite of their blindness or deafness or dumbness or any other defects they struggled hard in their lives and with their firm determination and continuous strife they won laurels . Helen Keller is one of them .

Who is Helen Keller?

It require more mental fortitude to endure than to bite the dust "

Helen Keller is an American woman who become dazzle when she was just nineteen months old . She likewise become not too sharp . Her folks were restless about her future, however Mrs.Anne Sullivan went to their assistance and teach them .

After this she got numerous instructive degrees and become the writer of numerous books . Her life is an extraordinary exercise of mental fortitude , assurance and consistent work .

In this article she wishes to bring up that the intensity of discourse, sight and hearing are the best favors of God . Just those people can comprehend their qualities who are denied of these incredible offices .

She tells that it is the Human nature that we don't a debt of gratitude is in order for what we have and want for what we don't have . It is nothing new that

"seeing see close to nothing"

She mentions to us what she might want to do if sight is allowed to her just for three days .

On the First Day to See

On the main day she needs to see the individuals who have been caring to her . She needs to take a gander at the essences of her companions and family members . As a matter of first importance she would she her incredible educator Mrs.Anne Sullivan .

After this she wishes to see her dedicated pooches . At that point she would see the books, the floor coverings and distinctive lovely object of nature . She would see the electric light find by man . Around evening time, she would not have the option to rest since her psyche would be loaded with the beguiling recollections of the day .

On the Second Day to See

On the second day , she might want to see the historical backdrop of man and nature . She would rise promptly in the first part of the day , and go to the New York Museum of common history . There she would see the antiquated history of the earth and it's occupants .

At that point she would go to the incredible craftsman . She would comprehend the way of life of Egypt, Greece and Rome . She would spend the entire day to seeing the spirit of man through his specialty . At night she wishes to go the venue to appreciate the music and magnificent plays of Shakespeare.

On the Third Day to See

On the third day , she need to see the social and financial existence of individuals of New York . She would see the areas where the destitute individuals are living in ghettos . She needs to see the neediness and bliss of the individuals with her own eyes .

She additionally needs to see the buzzing about of the road of New . At night , she would appreciate some silly plays , and at 12 PM her reality again would turn out to be totally dim for her .

Advices of Helen Keller

This article by Helen Keller is loaded with emotion and most agonizing sentiments . This paper is obviously shows that lone those people can comprehend of faculties of seeing , hearing and talking who have denied of these incredible gift by God and nature .

She said that who we seeing individuals can utilize our eyes for better reason . On the off chance that we have allowed to see we use it completely . We should utilize our other four faculties in the most ideal manner . She has appropriately said :

" it is nothing new of not being extraordinary ful for what we have until we misfortune it, as not being aware of wellbeing until we are sick."


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