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Three Dimensional Pentagram

Updated on October 24, 2013
The relational dimensions of a pentagram
The relational dimensions of a pentagram | Source

Three Dimensional Pentagram
Geometrical Analytical Poetry

Flat two dimension pentagram inside a circle.
Five star points that dissect a circumference.
Two different outer areas within five similar shapes
Are they equal and do they contain
The same total area?
Are the two groups equal in area
To each other?
When adding the area of the hexagon middle
With the areas within the total star,
Then add the area in the circumference
Outside the star,
What mathematic constant ratio does it contain
In those two compilations?

A two dimensions pentagram has five intersections,
But shift two opposing points in different directions,
And the pentagram ceases to have any dissecting points,
By forming continuous line in five shifting angles.
That those two points can be made perpendicular
To those originating three points of the plane.
While retaining a circumference distance reference,
While attaining a three dimensional sphere.

What happens when only one point is shifted?
It leaves only one dissecting point in the star.
That three points will always make a plane
So within rotations are multiple planes.

So if the five areas within the outer points
Are the lobes of cerebral cognizance
Sharing the inner hex six sense of Uni-Verse,
All residing within body and soul singularity.
What are the five senses outside the star
That we share together as our universe?
Are they length, width, depth, time, and what?
Or invisible forces in physics, gravity, atoms, …?
So in a singularity in a head, feet, arms, and sole body
Do we shift timeframes within skeletal frames
Upon a contiguous time continuum pentagram?

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 10/200 to 10/22/13 ©


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