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Three Short Poems On Disrupted Love.

Updated on February 23, 2010

A Nightie Night Story.

She wore a teddie,

and I could hardly bear it,

but she was worthy of a snuggle,

and the winter bid us hibernate,

so we cuddled by the fire,

then we dozed away six logs,

for we'd had too many toddies,

as we watched the timber fall,

into coals that warmed our tootsies

come morn,

I just hugged my honey,

then we both set off to work.



Asphxia.-(1941)-true story

My namesake parked on a winter's day,
with his true love snuggled close,
then they shared all the bliss young lovers do,
long sweet kisses as December howled.
Warm in his car with the heater on,
they grew heady from each other's lips,
death tapped on the window, they never heard,
as their souls slipped away, embraced
far too early for both to paradise,
the exhaust sealed by snowbank debris.



Custody Denied At The Request Of The Kids.

Her mask vanished
in divorce court,
revealing the
hideous monster
I'd married,
it peeled condom like,
making me wish I'd used them,
to prevent tainting our children

who might one day also

play her masquerade.






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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      NO NO NO NO NO never regret the child, this work is brilliant, i am no expert, but i feel it, very well done, loving this morning with your words thankyou