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Unspoken Hearts

Updated on February 26, 2017

A clear sky today

But why still a dark day

Smiles on their faces

But why still an unseen pain

- Samyukta

Feeling is to cry deep inside

Why is it so difficult to fly?

If love is such a crime then

I am a true criminal so prime

- Sudikchya

Smile on face and tears on eye

Whishing on giving up in life and say it goodbye

All okay from outside but broken in

Searching for someone to repair me and just don’t hide

- Rusma

Want to leave all this pain

Want a reason which can make me smile again

but there is something that stops me every time

Maybe it’s not you but all the memories you left behind

Can’t move on still knowing

To gain something there is always a sacrifice

- Samyukta

Today a feeling has rise

Want to shout so high

That you are mine

Not caring about anyone

Let the world die

Right now I want live in your arms

- Sudikchya

Trying to fight with this feeling

Not caring what the result be

If love is really true

Then I will always be a winner at the losing game

Came to know that love is a rose

With all its beauty and thrones

But still with my petal (loved one)

I feel the thrones as my medal

Because the thrones are coming in our life

Knowing that our love is true

Yes I’m foolish to search for beauty

When there is darkness all around

- Rusma

Un-shown feeling

Flowing by a poem

Want to show all my feelings

The damage heart; that wet pillow and

Those sorrowful nights remembering you

Is it the same feeling with you?

If yes why don’t we be one to night?

Who cares what the world says

It’s the night when two souls be one

- Samyukta

It’s so hard

But then I will try

Let the things be only inside

I won’t dare to say it outside

But this is true I need you beside

I want to express all my love

And say that you are alone mine

Right now want to plug away thrones and feel the petal (loved one) from deep inside

- Sudikchya

It’s too much saying I suffered

I have seen you too being suffered too

You also need me

So I want you to see

That I had been and will always be beside you

So you can say me how you feel

I want to hug you

And say everything’s alright

Me too I want to cry in your arms

Today I won’t care if I die in your arms

Let’s just make today two reflections into one

- Rusma

So it’s true

That you love me too

If not then I accept that

Some people are meant to fall in love

But never meant to stay forever

- Samyukta

No, please love me too

Cause I do

I know you want to

So, let the world be

Just be you and me as two

- Sudikchya

Let’s forget every bad thing

Let’s just focus on the things that would make us laugh

Why think about future?

When our present is here

Let’s not try to be together in future

Let’s just try to be together in present

And always make things special from now

- Rusma

Thinking to do the same

Trying to stay calm not letting the heart spell out

Looking at you with a smile

But why you turned around

Want few words by you

Want to sit beside you

Want your shoulder to lay my head

But why you turned around

Is it that the time has changed you and

Made me far from you

Don’t know why I’m so unknown to you now

- Samyukta

You are not unknown

Your are just stressed

It calmed me down

Seeing the smile in your face

Please always do

I feel great

Your smile makes me smile

And that’s what I want to

- Sudikchya

Bad memories let’s leave it behind

And let’s welcome happiness that is ahead

Today is a special day for you and me

So let’s drink a warm tea

With full of happiness and joy

That always makes us warm and never dies

Let us forget those tears and bring smile

But still why I feel so sad deep inside

So trying to fight with it, let us together warmly sit

- Rusma

The sun goes down and the stars come out

With the shine of the sun the fake smile goes with it too

With the darkness the tears roll down too

Maybe this is not to happen

And something new is coming in my way

- Samyukta

It’s dare hard to forget

But why not try even though

The day even rise after the sunset. So,

Let the thing be

And be as free

As bird in the sky

Swinging the smile, wings let’s fly

- Sudikchya

He has made this world

The lord

How great is he

As sun gets over moon

And moon over sun

Let’s make the happiness go over sadness too

As he loves all and forgive them

The almighty

Let us also forgive

The sad memories for giving us so much pain

Let’s start a new day!!!

As one cannot count the 100 moon that hangs in his wall

Nor he can count the 1000 splendid suns

That shimmers in the wall

Let us also be able to not count

The uncountable happiness that comes to us

Let just thank them for making us smile

- Rusma

Other parts are on their way. :D


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    • Samyukta Shrestha profile imageAUTHOR

      Samyukta Shrestha 

      4 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Yea this is us..

    • itsmesudiksha profile image


      4 years ago from Nepal

      it really feels amazing going through the poem again that has been written by us... perfectly edited.. superb!!

    • Samyukta Shrestha profile imageAUTHOR

      Samyukta Shrestha 

      4 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal


      But there is still a lot to come

    • profile image

      Sameer Kapali (kanxa) 

      4 years ago

      Supop poem. I have never leart like this poem. The best poem forever. #fantastic #awesome #amazing :)


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