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Three Ways You Can Make Money Writing Articles Online

Updated on May 3, 2014

Make Money Writing Articles Online

If you want to earn money immediately from home online then online freelance writing is probably the best way to bring in some extra cash or even an income to your home. Online article writing is just one of the many different types of online freelance writing. Article writing online is relatively easy than other forms of writing online. If you can write engaging articles on a topic or more, it is possible for you to make substantial amount of money online, depending on the effort and time you put in and the niche you write in.

Write Articles for Upfront Pay Writing Websites

I have made most of my online income from online article writing. I can write on many different topics because I have varied interests and also I am used to research online a lot about different topics. Write articles for a few upfront pay writing websites that pay, such as

  • www.demandstudios

Basically, generally, you submit your articles to one or all of these websites and wait for approval. Once approved, they will pay you immediately for your work. Some of these sites may require that you send them one or more sample writing work of yours so that they can evaluate your writing skills and accept you as a writer based on your skills. Some sites require you to sign up with them. Some of these sites may ask you to write a sample article or more on their given topic(s).

I have made most money writing articles from an upfront pay writing website maintained and owned by a sole webmaster. I came across that website by running a search on either Google or Yahoo! search engine typing in "write for us" keyphrase. You would not believe it that I found the website listed on page 30 or beyond down the search results pages. You might just need a bit of luck sometime. I wrote over a hundred articles for the site. The site stopped accepting submissions about a year ago and will not accept submissions further in the foreseeable future according to the webmaster.

Write Articles for Article Jobs Writing Websites

Another way to earn money writing articles is writing for clients on online freelance article writing jobs sites. The clients post writing jobs on these sites and you as a writer pick up the jobs from a live database of job listings. These sites are the second best source of my online writing income. If you can complete a few 300 or 500 words articles daily, you can make some good money every month. These sites do not pay much; in fact, they pay very low for an article. Here are some of the best article writing jobs websites I can recommend to you to join:


You can, however, earn a little more per article if you pick the higher paying writing jobs designed for writers who have attained certain rating stars or levels. Some of these sites have a constant flow of writing jobs and if you are able to write on multiple topics and in given keywords, you can really earn some nice cash every week or month.

Write for Residual Income Writing Websites

Many writers actually prefer to write articles for these writing sites than sites that pay upfront for articles. The idea of earning residual income is great, particularly if you are looking for long-term benefits. An article can generate money for ever or as long as it is published online with a website that pays through residual income model. Finding and joining the right and best residual income writing websites is the key to succeed in making money with your articles on these websites. Some of the best residual income or revenue sharing writing websites are listed below:

  • https//

Your articles on these websites earn revenue usually in two ways. Firstly, your articles earn revenue from page views the articles receive when readers or visitors from around the world read the articles or just visit the web pages where the articles are located on. Secondly, they generate revenue from ad clicks the articles generate when the visitors click on any ad displayed alongside the articles published on these websites.

These sites then share the revue earned from your articles with you. Generally, they split the profits in favour of the writers. If you can put up a lot of high quality articles with these sites, you can start seeing some nice cash coming in your pocket every month over time. It may, however, take a year or so before you could start earning a nice stream of passive income from your articles.

Share Your Opinions and Learn That of Others

Which of the following websites you make more money from with your articles?

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Over to You

You do not need to be a novelist or popular columnist or higher degree holder in literature or journalism in order to make money with online article writing. If you have good knowledge of a subject, can write about topics you have passion for, and commit fewer mistakes when it comes to grammar and spelling errors, you can really make a handsome amount of money writing articles on the web. You can even earn an income if you are willing to put a bit more effort and time in.


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    • freelanceinfo profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Hi Tricia,

      Thanks very much for reading my hub. I am glad that you found it helpful. I hope to add more useful hubs soon. Thank you.

    • Tricia Deed profile image

      Tricia Deed 

      4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I thought your article to be very helpful. I will be checking on the lists which you shared. Thank you.

    • freelanceinfo profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Hello Lori P., thanks a lot for your great insightful inputs. Online writing is fun and can bring in some cash for people who do it just to share what they know about a topic or more and earn some money in the process. But for serious writers who want to earn an income, writing for pennies will not help.

      But, it is also true that even the serious writers who are just breaking into the freelance writing online, may find it helpful writing here and there and earn some money. Many freelance writers, experienced and beginners, need to pay the bills and they find various writing gigs available online useful. Even though the pay may seem utterly low most writing gigs offer, some gigs pay slightly better or modestly to writers who have some experiences under their belts.

      So, it is good to write for these sites to help you pay the bills and gather more experience while looking for higher paying article writing jobs.

      Setting up a blog or website is entirely another story. Selling articles from your own blog or website may take a while, but you can monetise your content on the blog using various blog monetisation methods, including selling your own books and eBooks.

      Experienced writers with higher degrees will likely earn more in their niches. Many writers if not the most have no formal degrees in writing or any other specific field, but they are earning even an income. Online writing comes in many different forms. People are even willing to pay just for a single word comment or writing a 200 word review of a product or service for them.

      Those who want to succeed in freelance writing, however, need to build their brand by writing high quality content and establish themselves as experts in their niches. But for other freelance writers who want to work from the comfort of their own homes to earn some extra cash spending an hour or two, can write articles for individuals or companies thorough various avenues as mentioned above, and there are many others too.

      Thanks a lot again for your helpful comments.

    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      From my past experience with providing online content and freelance writing as a stringer (print), I believe that writing for outlets like that is like chasing pennies. Most beginning writers are thrilled just to get paid a penny for their work and to see their bylines but if you're trying to make a living at this, there are smarter ways to do so. The first tip I can share is to own your work. Why write for others and get paid a fraction of what your work can earn? Better to write a book or blog, set up your own site and learn how to earn $$ from advertising, etc. which is precisely what those who "buy" your work are doing. They are earning the residual passive income from your words while you must continue to crank out article after article to keep earning. Now, some sites allow you to receive ad income on a residual basis (Hubpages is one of them.) But you don't earn as much as you could if you had your own site.

      Specialize in a topic and become an expert. Learn how to tap your other strengths, skills and knowledge and use writing to communicate to others. Unless you write fiction, your writing is a tool not the end product. It is harder and harder to compete in the non-fiction genre because more educated professionals are writing books and blogs to further their careers. They have the background to provide high quality content.

      Today, you must not only be able to communicate well but you have to have something of value to say.

      I have written random articles that earn a bit of money here and there but more money comes from the books and ebooks I've written and from the ad revenue stream from my own sites.

      I highly encourage writers to build their brand, come out of the shadows of freelancing and stop being satisfied with crumbs when you can bake and eat your whole loaf of bread.

      Thanks for a great article that got me to think! :)


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