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Three poems, I am queen

Updated on April 24, 2013

I am Queen

Your King, pale like a young man

Faced with his death,stands stiff

Behind his pawns. His eyes are wide

At the sight of my black-clad battalion.

Our armies are in tight formation,

The battlefield is before us, spread out

On a card table with spindly legs.

You move first. A tentative pawn,

Slid two squares to the front.

This will be a messy battle. You look up,

Watching as I laugh triumphantly

At the start of the game.

Lamentations of the Early Morning

Underneath a starry sky,
with blue rings underneath each eye,
ringing sounds of radio,
filling the cab of her dumpy auto,
moans the morning worker,
"Not I, not I!
I dearly want my beauty rest,
of which my sore looks can attest.
I hate my quickie makeup job,
It makes my face feel like a blob.

Give me one more hour to freshen up
before I must drink from this coffee cup,
and hurry down to my frightful job
to searve the smiling earlybird mob.
Pretend to be cheerful, pretend it like heck
when all I want is a decent sized check."

Carnival Sway

Trees clothed in gypsy colors

Sway to the shiver of a tambourine wind

A red leaf whisks into the crowd

Lured by an insistent billowing partner

Who shook her from the deadwood

And pulled her down to dance

She twists to the tumbling beat

Still swirling her crisp red skirt

Long after the remaining crowd scatters

Piling in drunken heaps


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    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools99 6 years ago from North-East UK

      Great poems, really enjoyed 'Lamentations of the Early Morning' - we've all been there! 'Carnival Sway' is wonderful, you have a real gift with words. I look forward to reading more.

    • equealla profile image

      equealla 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      So, you are a poet too. You are full of surprises. Love the pic's going with it. The last one gave me a good laugh. Keep them rolling.

    • profile image

      Mom 7 years ago

      Wow! What a talent you have in both the literary and the visual. I can relate to the Lamentations of the Early Morning real well..unfortunately. The picture that goes along with it captivates me. Love the other drawings too. I'm amazed at you!

    • profile image

      royal hall 7 years ago

      Daene hey i read your poems and there very good i like the way you tell the stories i thought that Lamentations of the Early Morning was a really cool poem

    • Daena B. profile image

      Daena B. 7 years ago from Wenatchee, WA

      Thanks for the feedback! I have to say, I think that Carnival Sway turned out the best of the three. And Cherie, I'm glad you still have my artwork on display :)

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      I enjoyed reading these poems. Nice job.

    • profile image

      Cherie 7 years ago

      Carnival Sway is amazing. Really good word pictures. And, of course, the Queen is displayed quite regally in my bedroom, now it will have a poem to go with it! :0)

    • alternate poet profile image

      alternate poet 7 years ago

      Like these - good work :)

    • profile image

      Cassia 7 years ago

      Love it. Love it. Love it!