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Three years gone by, three years flew. I'm back.

Updated on June 23, 2017

It seems like yesterday, you know what I mean? It feels like I was constantly checking Hub pages to see what kind of article traffic I was having. Getting my ideas together for the next Hub. And then here we are three years later and I am logging in for the first time in a very long time. I cannot believe it has been this long. It is amazing how quickly time can really pass you by. So much has changed in those three years. Some good things and some bad things. Overall, I must say I am definitely a different person since the last time I logged into my blog site.

I am excited to say that I feel now that I am logging in for the first time in a while that I am beginning to get that motivation to start writing again. That longing to start increasing my Hub traffic again. To start conversing once again with one of the best group of writers on the internet blogging network. I must be honest, part of me has gotten a bit lazy with my writing. I have a lot of experiences to write especially about the past two years. I cannot wait to once again, be writing and getting things off my chest, opening my creative side and reading other hubbers articles.

I know I am nothing but another Hubber, but I did use to be very involved with this site and many fellow bloggers. I am nobody special, just someone who is excited about getting back into the writing game and start meeting fellow writers who have a passion for this creative network. So, I look forward to meeting new writers, reconnecting with some of my old pen pals, and overall am excited to get new ideas out there and share with you some good, bad and all out creative ideas with you fellow readers out there.

Returning To the Hub

Even since I have returned I have been more motivated to write. I have so many ideas about the things I would love to share with you readers and writers out there. I have a lot to share too. And in a few months I will have many more things to share. So I am glad to be back and not only do I look forward to reading, meeting new hubbers and writing, I can't wait to read all the articles that you guys are planning to publish out there. This is an exciting writers community and I look forward to see the continuous growth.

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What really motivated me to return to Hubpages was the fact that I logged in after missing in action for a while and saw how much traffic I actually had. Now granted, I know I would have a whole lot more traffic if I kept things churning right along, but I will take what I get. I also forgot how much I enjoy writing since being away for so long. And most importantly, I miss the interactions with other fellow writers who share their work as well.

I really enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading different articles, poems and other writings that the community of Hubpages publish. I enjoy the feedback portion of it as well. I miss leaving comments and in return I also love when I get comments and constructive feedback. It inspires me to continue the hobby and maybe the profession of writing. So here is a toast, to keeping the passion of writing alive in me as well as the whole community of Hubpages. Let's continue to grow as writers and share and exchange what we all came here to do.

What I also love about writing and being on Hubpages is the array of dynamic types of articles and ideas that people write about. I am one that does not just stick to a specific topic. There are so many genres to talk about. So many ideas to put into words. So many different topics to express ourselves with. I love to keep my writing interesting. I like to write about so many diverse things. From sports, cooking and even movie reviews. I also love to write song lyrics, which I also would say are some of my stronger points. Many of the song lyrics that I write, could also be considered poems. To me, it is such a great feeling when inspiration to write poetry strikes me. I love getting motivated to write. And it seems that as I do get older, I tend to be inspired more to do it. At first, sometimes it seemed like more of a chore than a hobby. But now, I look forward to writing and trying to brainstorm what my next idea will be.

Slow the Time Down

As we continue to write, we are able to capture many moments down on ink and paper, or computer typing to screen. Even though it seems like time has flown by these past few years, one thing I love is remembering all the great times I have had and sharing those with fellow readers. Now that I am older, taking a step back in time is always a treat. These memories spark many ideas for me to share with my readers.


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    • Fullerman5000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Fuller 

      16 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      Thanks for stopping by John Hansen. I am still learning all the new changes on the site. I have noticed that they did away with the rating system on hubs. Thanks for informing of the other changes.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      16 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Welcome back, Fullerman. Your interesting and fun hubs have been missed. You will notice some hubbers missing and a lot of new ones around. There are still a few of the old brigade here as well. But most of all you will notice no Hub of the Day, Editor's Choice, Hub,Hopper, rating hubs etc...and that we now have "niche" sites to aspire to have your hubs moved to. Anyway, glad you have returned and I look forward to reading whatever you write.


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