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Short Story: 365 Days? video...

Updated on December 31, 2011

365 days?

Some how this has become the number of days which passed us along the way,

fulfilling it’s obligations with time as being one year. In the meantime we are sill here

counting, expecting 365 days to again come and go, wasn't it already going?

When we went to it's rescue by getting in the and ordaining it with numbers and names , creating confusion as to which day what happened , forgetting that any day could be names any day . But we had a plan and we executed. We made it better , was that not for our own purpose ? Was it for the betterment of mankind?

That is supposed to be done and gone, but somehow we believe that it’s coming again.

Most of us in this life have agreed to just follow, we are never finding

enough of anything to add, so we will follow those who have already searched and found.

We actually love the coming, and going, while celebrating the past times we had.

No such luxury for the entity that is time, it doesn’t get to partake in this

Phenomenal undertaking that is coming and going.

It’s just there;

It will forever and always be a constant. But we are the ones

Trying to put different kind’s manipulative spins on it.

Adding our own imaginary lines.

Sometimes calling them, the calling it the different dimensions of time

The different dimensions of us it should be, while time stands still

If I said to you, bring me a piece of time! Somehow I will interpret that to mean,

I went for the kill with our discussion.

Some questions have no answers, but doesn’t mean, they should not be asked.

Just like fire! No matter how you start a fire, it cannot begin without first

Having a spark.

So take the one year that you need, take two years that you need, and put yourself

On the spot, because sometimes it’s proven not even one hour more you’ve got.

I believed that time has always been, and humans, if I choose to agree

With that name, we are the ones who recently came in.

Since there is no measurement for always which is time, but there is measurement for us.

Our only bet is to try, if you can’t beat them, and then join them,

Take a free ride on the bus with time.

But time’s not going anywhere, so mankind has to kindle his fears,

Slow down his pace, and believe that God who created and is responsible

Is also responsible for this place too in the same way he

Created everything around you.

Man must learn to know his place.

Promises will be made for this coming year to again try to start

Fresh as a rose. Here is my advice for any commitment you will

Try and make.

Promise not to go to battle with anyone, swear if you wish, give it your word,

For heavens sake. Try to remember that today is the beginning of the rest of your life,

If you are married.

Today is another first day of the rest of both your lives as husband and wife.

What were you thinking?

That your marriage started way back then, you are so wrong,

It’s probably not even started, marriage don’t start from

A beginning to an end,

The end of you maybe what one must learn to comprehend.

Have a healthy and joyous beginning of the rest of you physical lives.

But no man knows where the end starts or where the beginning ends.

We can only believe.

365 Days!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      You have always left a smile . Thanks you very much V. I really appreciate you reading and , always a beautiful and truthful comment . That the part that encourages the most, sincerity and honesty. I die for those.

      Best wishes to you also and may all those great things that you so desire come your way so the you can share with those around , that's what mom would have wanted from you . I am sure.

      Thanks for always being who you are.


    • profile image

      V Qisya 6 years ago

      I really enjoy reading yours. Simply awesome!

      "Some questions have no answers, but doesn’t mean, they should not be asked"

      It's so true, Sky. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing.

      Up, up and away!

      Happy New Year to you, Sky! Take care.

      Best Wishes, Verita

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you Deborah. I don't know where all the understanding came from , but I know my dad was a fearless one and he told me plenty, so maybe that spawned a certain curiosity in me.

      So I went on thinking plenty on my own trying to find reasons for everything , because they are there, but you can't give in easy and be prepared for answers that says nothing.

      Since we were not all born at the same time ,in the same time and place , we must accept different . Believe it or not that's where all the different religions came from.

      I know there is only one God, that's where all my thinking started and my family nobody could give me answers .

      Now I had to figure out everything in my own way .

      and I did to the very best of my sincere ability.

      A great and healthy New Year to you also .This day may be the start of something good.


    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Sky I like how you said Have a healthy and joyous beginning of the rest of you physical lives.. bless you.. Have a great new year.

      Bless you to

      I voted up and awesome