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Thrones and Bones Trilogy Comes to an End with Epic Battle to Reclaim the Horn

Updated on August 30, 2016
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

The Final Battle to Win Back the Horn of Osius

Teens and young adults who are fans of the trilogy in the "Thrones and Bones" series are in for an exciting read to discover the outcome when Thianna and Karn set off to win back the Horn of Osius. Lou Anders's "Skyborn" is the new and final chapter in his "Thrones and Bones" trilogy. Thianna and Karn must travel to the land where they will battle two tyrannical queens to try to win back the Horn and recapture the kingdom. They encounter a dwarf and a giantess, and learn about the intriguing way that the evil queens settle disputes that occur. They even discover a new food called spanakopita. Thianna and Karn display their courage throughout the book and learn to play the special game that the enemy queens play. The battle is finally won when all creatures are free. "Skyborn" presents a life lesson to teens and the YA audience with the courage that it takes to finish what is begun and to become a whole person. Readers will discover the meaning behind the title of this final book in the series.

Anders includes a glossary of terms and definitions of the mythological creatures, gods, and goddesses from his "Throne and Bone" series. Readers will be intrigued with the instructions and rules for playing the game of Queen's Champions that are included in "Skyborn". Anders also includes the Thican Timeline for events that occurred in his series. Have you ever eaten spanakopita? Anders also includes a recipe for preparing this pastry.

"Skyborn" was published by Crown Books for Young Readers, a section of Random House Children's Books. It is recommended for ages 8-12 and has an ISBN of 978-0-385-39040-8. It is also available in an e-book with an ISBN of 978-0-385-39042-2.

Conclusion of the "Thrones and Bones" Trilogy

Final book in the "Thrones and Bones" trilogy
Final book in the "Thrones and Bones" trilogy | Source
Gameboard included with rules for the game Queen's Champion
Gameboard included with rules for the game Queen's Champion | Source

"Skyborn" Questions for Quizzing Your Friends

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Get Acquainted with Author Lou Anders

Lou Anders became interested in Norse mythology when he was writing the first book in his trilogy "Thrones and Bones". He fell in love with the Viking culture and was privileged to visit Norway. He has combined his love of Norse mythology and his travels to Greece to produce his final book in the trilogy with "Skyborn". His love for games is part of "Skyborn" with the inclusion of the Queen's Champion game. Anders is the recipient of a Hugo Award for editing and a Chelsey Award for art direction. He has written over 500 articles and stories with themes of science fiction and fantasy. You may learn more about Lou Anders by visiting and

Anders brings his "Thrones and Bones" Trilogy to an Exciting Conclusion

Get acquainted with author Lou Anders
Get acquainted with author Lou Anders | Source

Fun Facts About Norse Mythology

The mythology of Norse culture that Lou Anders researched while writing his first book in his "Thrones and Bones" series is filled with gods, goddesses, and other immortals. Giants, dwarfs, monsters, and magical animals are also part of Norse mythology. His final book, "Skyborn", includes a dwarf and a giantess that Karn and Thianna encounter in the land controlled by the evil queens. Norse mythology is based on the belief in destiny and readers will see this theme in Anders's final book in his series. Karn and Thianna believe that their destiny is to recover the coveted Horn of Orius and set the characters free. Their destiny is accomplished. Characters in Norse mythology are also very solemn. There is a solemn tone to "Skyborn" with the definite intent to accomplish the task. Characters in Norse mythology are complex, and Anders's characters follow this trait. Magical creatures are also a part of Norse mythology and readers will encounter the magical creature of a female tree person in "Skyborn". Goat men, bull boys, and spider women are also magical creatures that will bring intrigue to the adventures.

Norse Mythology is a Part of the "Thrones and Bones" Trilogy

Castles in Norse mythology
Castles in Norse mythology | Source
Land area of the Norsemen
Land area of the Norsemen | Source
Characters in Norse mythology
Characters in Norse mythology | Source

Fans of the "Thrones and Bones" Trilogy

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