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Through Black Eyes, and A Breath Of Despair

Updated on August 12, 2017
courtesy of google image
courtesy of google image

This time around again

I have fallen deeper within

The crack between the floor

This spot I've known before

Its great to see my own self pity

Staring from black eyes, reflected back at me

Can't I get a chance to breath the fresh air

Instead of taking breaths of despair

I'm tired of searching for what I can't find

I want to start fresh, and leave this all behind

I want a chance at something better and new

Something that I can fill my way through

In my heart I seem alright

But deep down its an endless fight

Emotions start to crawl to the surface

Showing that I may have lost my purpose

My grip soon will start to regress

I am simply praying for the best

I expect the worse again

Same boat and same damn captain

In my mind I thought it was the way to travel

The path went from smooth to gravel

The stones become jagged and start to cut

Blood soaked feet a result of I don't know what

Black and blue and bruises deep within

I could use that positive hand again

Pushing down hard I start to suffocate

Just want that one reason to celebrate

To feel that I am truly worth the time I'm alive

Fold my hands to pray, and I know I will be alright

Dear Lord I ask to deliver my soul from evil

To hold and help to resist the torments from the devil

And to serve a purpose to this world you have created

A reason for my name to be celebrated

A chance to be happy for the time to come

Thank you again, thank you for all you have done


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