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Through the Clouds: A Tribute to Zach Sobiech

Updated on June 13, 2013

Landed somewhere in the middle of now and forever

Love has no boundaries for me I’m in it till the never

Never forget me and the fact that we were together

Distance your mind from the truth

Reality and Actuality are held only by tethers

Fight for frightful - dream with the sleepers

Even if you dream of a world without the reaper

You cant. Even if hope is your best feature

Follow me into the dark and I’ll be there to meet ya’

With flowers and a smile, cookies, and healers

Because Jesus! Who knew the night sky could be this bright

Tell me it isn’t fair, tell me it just isn’t right

That I’m happy.

And I’ve accepted the end is in sight

That this is what I know and I still know I live with my might

I’ve seen the dark side of the moon and I made it a little more bright

I saw the end of the ocean as the heavens take it higher

There’s a hole to the other side and the other side is a little lighter

I’m not dying a dyer I’m dying a fighter

Goodbye doesn’t apply because it means I won’t see you

So enjoy this. This is your home. My heart wont die

Because it’s within you.

Besides you.

Everything I am is etched in your veins and I am you

If only a little.

It’s enough to let me forget, if all I can is slight

Because I am not numb.

I am not oblivion

I am only at peace with the immediacy I am living in

Above the clouds is were love really begins

And I’m happy. Because I’ve known you for as long as I could

It’s enough.

If only I had a little bit more time I’d love you till I died

All I can do is declare it’s been a beautiful ride

There is not much things that I've ever seen that moved me the way Zach's story did.

Thank you

And God bless to his family


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