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Through the Dark Night

Updated on February 6, 2016

He lay surrounded by the walls of darkness, motionless in the quiet night,

Knowing she watches him, protecting him from the thoughts that torture his restless soul.

Her fingers gently caress his skin, bare and cold.

Her touch is warming to his soul, soothing the pain of their separation.

She brings happiness to him, more than she knows,

Much more than he will ever be able to show.

She becomes his breath, the heartbeat he needs to live in this place so far away.

This Angel that comes to him in his tormented sleep.

He searches the recesses of his mind, searching the memories made together.

He gropes for thoughts to keep her close, hoping they might bring her back

So he can feel her touch once again.

He recalls the softness of her voice, the words whispered but not heard.

He feels her hands clasped in his, the warmth they spread over him.

Her hug brought comfort. Her kiss love.

The light stabs him, ripping her from his grasp.

Morning comes too fast; it is a thief without feelings,

Returning the pain of loneliness.

He misses her as he rises to face the pain of another day,

Another day that keeps her away.


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