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Thump (Poem)

Updated on March 4, 2013

Heart beating fast.
Sweat pouring like a waterfall.
Vision blurred from running.
Ears are fill with screams.

To be next is not wanted.

Suddenly, silence comes.

Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump.
Evil laughter replaces the silence.
Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump.

Slow footsteps coming closer
And closer.

A door opens and closes.
Everything is black.

A foul stench fills the nose.
Getting stronger and stronger.
Footsteps getting closer and closer.

Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump.
Heart pounding greater than before.
Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump.
A chuckle of glee is heard.
Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump.
Then . . .



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