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Tidals: A Poem

Updated on December 26, 2011


Spool my garment through the sewing machine

We are cut from the same cloth
Absorb ink in my fabric and ring me down the sink
Unravel my skin to white meat sop up where I bleed
Buckets of elbow grease attest our magnificent feat

Porcelain pink swirls from the heart sewn on my sleeve
'Tho we insist kindness to be a method of the weak
We find strength in tragedy so I tend to disagree
Across the Caribbean Sea water flows over my feet

To expect different results from the same thing
Is the definition of insanity, imperfect humanity
Take this opportunity to wipe the slate clean
No strings attached only threads of intensity
Sand castle thrones wash away on a beach
As waves recede to the melody of your speech

Sea shells whisper in distant dreams
Steel drums echo where we meet

Hearts drift into the horizon

In poetry I devote myself to thee
May the rise of the tide be

A lullaby to pacify your sleep
Love is symmetry, peace



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