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Tilt A World

Updated on March 23, 2017

Some Days I Can't Explain

I still try

No matter what I think

There has to be a better view

I love the good times

I live for the great times

Then there are times nothing seems to matter

Everything is going wrong

I know ...people say not everything

That's impossible

Lets see ...

This is not my day right now

But I have come pretty close at different times in my life

So here goes

I wake up sore

From what ?

I like to think of it as a troubled past

My body has learned to absorb the pain from a tough time in my life

And won't let it go

I say enough is enough

Let the past disappear

Not for long

It is like a wet shirt

Everytime I wring it out by my hand

It is still wet

It is not going to dry any time soon

So As I reach for a better feeling

By getting a glass of water

Drinking it down

Making me feel better inside

Where I can not see

Refreshing and tingling already

I drink half the glass without stopping

Now I don't know why

I do feel different

I go into the refrigerator and pick up an apple

Start eating it

I listen to the crunch

Soothing in some unexplainable way

I take another bite

This one has me intrigued

If my first two bites were both tasty

I wonder if the rest of my apple is going to be jusr as good or even better

With my mind distracted from all the other pressing problems

I can refocus on something better than what I had five minutes ago

I start to think of the things that have worked out well in my life

That got me here

It was not all bad

I am going down for a quick cat nap

A little sleep gives my body a little rest

When I wake up I will see where I go from here

I am not sure if I even can sleep

With my mind racing

Faster than the guy who cut me off in traffic

After giving me a dirty look

Took off

Sped away in seconds

He has some real issues

I am so glad he is not part of my family

The weather is cold and raw

I lift my blanket of warmth

For some much needed comfort

A way we go

To a dream state that is everything we don't know

Wrapped up in darkness

To tease or tempt us

As we let our guard down

I know what I have

Soon I will learn

What I can get


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 11 months ago

      Manatita44 When life gives us the unexpected and the unusual. I do everything I can to get back in my healthy good zone. I practice good thoughts which lead to good habits that help me in trying times. I do a lot of soul searching and reaching to help others when I am down and out. The ways of the people in the world are challenging. We can learn from our own mistakes. Accepting our faults and trying to do better. Thank you for your comments. They are welcomed with open arms. May more happy thoughts come your way.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 11 months ago from london

      Well, this is pretty straight-forward and I dare say, life! None the less painful by my saying so. You express it so well! Duality is a very strong cosmic force, so as you get Light, so you will see darkness.

      Anyway, let's chat about drums and cadences. Do you feel the music of the redbreast? can you hear the psalm of the nightingale? The hyacinths are so magical today that my Soul weeps uncontrollably and my core is stabbed with Love. Love you, my Sweet Tamara. The Mother loves us both.