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08-Love Letters from Vietnam: No Facebook in 1969

Updated on June 23, 2015

A Visual Aide !

Link to Complete Index of Letters

It's impossible to imagine the Vietnam War with Facebook and the Internet. Everything would have been different. These letters would never have existed or at least there would not be such a volume of them!

In today's second letter and throughout the "Tim and Kate..." letters, many of their friends are mentioned. We can't click on Facebook to reference their friends, so I've created a little diagram to keep them all straight! This was the status of our social network before Tim and I met in 1968.

As the letters progress, you'll see some amazing networking that actually occured among this initial group! We were sort of like the gang on Friends (or maybe Grey's Anatomy because it was such a serious time). Friends of friends married and weddings took place while Tim was gone to Vietnam. We were very interconnected and remained that way throughout our lives. I think we might even have been almost as cute - way back then.

Cheers from Kate.

18 June, 1969

Dear Tim,

It’s only me again. How’s lunch? (I remember you said you read my letters during lunch time.) Just don’t spill ketchup on my masterpieces!

Hows’ that cough, Tim? Gee, it sounded bad over the phone. Fine thing, to get a cold when I can’t help take care of you. I’m beginning to feel useless.

Well, today was the last day of school. Naturally I wasn’t finished with all my records and cleaning, etc. etc. by 3:00 or 4:00 or even 5:00. It ended up that Mom came and helped me
move our books and my files from my old room on the 3rd floor down to my new room on the 2nd floor, We stayed until 7:30. The kids helped all morning, but there was just too much.

Camp started today (which I couldn’t make because of school.), so I start tomorrow at eight. The little angels don’t come until Wednesday.

Hey, know what? If you get this letter on Friday, you will have been in basic 5 weeks and a day. Time will begin to go faster now, won’t it, Tim? I hope so (for both of us).

I hope things went better this week for you. Gee, do you think you’ll get a chance to call this weekend? I know you thought you’d be able to when we talked last weekend and I hope Army doesn't mess this up. Our calls, at least, keeps us a little closer, right? I so much want to grow in knowledge of you, Tim.

Well, nothing much new on the horizon. I’m going to go to sleep now, but before I do, know what I’m going to think about? You’ll never guess – all of the happy times we’ve had (and the sad ones too) and then I’ll just slip you into my prayers. I must say God certainly does create some special people.



PS Only four more weeks to get your curl growing.

20 June, 1969

Dear Tim,

Hi. How have things been going? Guess you’ll get this on Monday. a start of another week – another week closer to being home.

Hey, know what I have in my hand right now? It’s a slide. Matt gave it to me and guess who’s on it? You! Now don’t be angry, but when I talked to Matt after you called last Saturday he asked if I wanted a picture of you (all right – I asked if he had a picture of you.) Welllll..the only one he had was one in St. John’s Cathedral high school year book, so he put a lens on his camera , took a picture of your picture, and had two slides made. He’s going to get the other one developed for a regular picture. It does so for me to see your eyes and smile – just to feel you’re a little closer. Instead of getting used to missing you, I’m missing you more and more. But now having your picture, Tim, helps.

How is your cough? Are you taking care of it? Gosh, there's so much news; I don't know where to begin.

First of all, camp started and I went on Thursday and today. Many of the old counselors haven't returned, but some have. The new ones are really nice kids and the old ones, well, Tim, I love those people. It's something you can't explain until you meet them. They make you feel liked for yourself and accepted. Besides all that, they're very easy to be with - no malice or pretense or hipocrasy. I do hope you will be able to meet them when you come home. They're the kind of people you have for your friends.

And speaking of your friends, Matt called tonight about 5:00. He said he was in a pickle and could I help out. I guess Tony went with his parents on a vacation, but before he left, he took his car in for repairs. Well, Matt was supposed to pick it up and take it to Rick's house. Matt didn't think about having to drive both his car and Tony's car and didn't know what to do. So he asked if I could follow him from the garage to Rick's house to drop off Tony's car and then take him back to the garage to pick up his car. Well, that's what we did. (That's when Matt gave me your picture.) I wonder if Matt knew how wonderful I would feel knowing that someone close to you would turn to or ask help of me. Forgive me for being so sentimental tonight, Tim, but your absence has made me cherish anything that reminds me of you. Oh Lord, I love you so much.

Well, Tim, I better stop now so I can get up early and do some planning. You're with me in my memory and thoughts and prayers. Perhaps I'll hear from you tomorrow night. I hope so. Be happy and take care.




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