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Time For Some Girl TIme

Updated on August 16, 2016
rebeckadepalma profile image

Just a single mom raising her own 3 kids and her brothers 3. It's a hectic life, but someone has to do it.

Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood

The Girls....

Here I am after another damn breakup. You’d think it gets easier, but it never does. I caught the fucker in the act like some bad Usher song. I went crazy and started tossing anything that belonged to him out of the windows. I had the gardener gather it all into a pile for me.

Breathing out as I get a sinister smile on my sweet lips. The smell of the matches lighting as I toss them into the pile. I call out in my sweetest, honey drippin’ voice. “Baby, come quickly…. I have something that I want you to see!” The yelling started as soon as he smelt the fire. I couldn’t help myself. “Can you grab the marshmallows? I want to roast them.”

Turning my back on him as I hear all the names, the ranting, the screaming. Katie {@IBlong2You} and Mel {@MelTheMemorable} had warned me. Told me he wasn’t any good, but the sex was great. I didn’t listen, I know I should have. Oh hell… I hope someone videotaped this scene for them. They will be pissed that they missed it. Laughing out as I turn back to look at the red faced cheating fucker, “You have 30 minutes to get out, if you aren’t out by then I’ll let Katie and Mel take shots at you with the guns. After all, they need moving target practice.”

Walking over and getting into my car, waving to my staff as I backed out of the drive. Fuck, I loved having staff that didn’t ask me any questions. They had their instructions, just in case the dumbass wasn’t out in 30 minutes. Speeding down the road as I head back into the city. Back to the Penthouse I loved.

Enough about this drama, I am Eva DeLuca. I’m the only child of a wealthy politician. Both of my parents died leaving me quite the trust fund. The money mostly sits in the bank and shit. I’d rather pay for everything with my own money, money I work hard for. If I told you what I did, I might have to kill all of you, but then who would read my story?

I have been on my own since I was about 19, but out of everyone in my life Katie and Mel were the only two who stuck by me. No matter what stupid things I did and trust me, the stories they could tell… shaking my head. They never ask me for anything. They know of the money, the know everything.

Our lives took a turn and threw us into different places and I miss them like hell. Tears forming in my eyes as I grab my phone and pull over. Throwing the car in park, I quickly text Katie and Mel “Hey girls, I need you. Can you come up to NYC and stay a bit? I’ll cover the costs. I just need my besties right now.” Hitting send as I toss the phone into the seat and pull back out onto the road, making my way to the penthouse in no time. Parking in the garage as I make my way up to the penthouse to make sure their rooms are ready. #TimeForSomeGirlTime

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© 2016 Rebecka Hanrahan


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