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Time Is Kindly To No One.

Updated on January 20, 2010


Time is kindly to no one.


Time is kindly

 to no onoe
tracking lines

across faces
deeply etching

its tolls
as it bends backs

or breaks us
with its

generous gifts.

That are well

known as age
plus they come

with a price.

Time's an

Indian giver
snatching hours

and days
back from you

while you live
all the years

time has granted,
thinking you've

still got plenty
but realizing

what's left
is time's gifts

you'll return
without thanks

at the end.

Time can cripple

so quick
those who seek

to outrun it
as it humbles

the greatest
just the same

as those least.

Time's a

constant reminder
of all we've

failed to do
yet so much

time is wasted
doing meaningless tasks
like just

waiting in line
riding on

watching T.V.....

and 1/3 of your

life's spent
in sleep unaware
perhaps that

explains why??
in the mornings

wee hours
when alarm clocks

start wailing
we throw

out a stiff hand
to give time

a hard slap
in an effort to gain
just a few

minutes more
from its

merciless face!!  





©-MFB III   


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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      Yeah, I do like to smack the alarm clock most mornings.. and sometimes I kiss it and thank it for pulling me from the nightmare! :)

    • princess-sisi profile image

      Hilda 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Time theirs more time then life, time! Nice this one is nice! Hope all is well.