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Time Measures Nothing But Itself

Updated on October 25, 2015

Time passes. From seconds to minutes and years to centuries it passes. When you look back over your own life you realize that some time was spent well and some wasn’t. It all adds up to who you are today at this second in time. We all spend the time we have differently but time treats us all the same. We are each given one second at a time. We each spend it one second at a time. All any of us have is that next second.

Over the years I have written down my thoughts on time passing.


Years go by so quickly

It is hard to enjoy the weeks

Let alone the moment.


It is harder to live today

Than yesterday

Or tomorrow.


True enjoyment is

Appreciating each second

In its turn

As you would a pearl

On the ring

Of your first love.


If nothing else

Time Passes


Times touch is never kind

The reflection in the mirror

Is not nearly

As young as I am


We share time

But are separated

By what we do with it

Pages filled or not

Words spoken or not

Lives lived or not


Fence posts measure the day

Dug one at a time

Across the pasture

Ten feet apart

A straight scar

Across green hills

Here is some more….

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday is finished, put away

Like a book on a shelf

Today floats like a snowflake

So soon gone

Tomorrow is a wish on a whisper wind

Waiting its turn to howl


Time to go

Time to stay

You have it


Time spent doing nothing is still time spent


Time is not on your side

Time doesn’t take sides


If you value life, value time.


Times secret is

It has none

To keep


Your Time

You can’t touch a shadow

Or kiss a wave

You can’t live

In the past

Or know the future

Your time is now

Touch it

Seize it

Hold it like a lover


Your time is now

Live it

It is yours

And only yours


Time is all we have to spend


You can’t borrow time


Time spent doing nothing

Is still time spent?


Time tells the truth about love


Time Passes

Nothing changes

Dirt and water

Still make mud


Tomorrow is a day of promise

Yesterday a day of memories


A day of chances taken

And chances lost


If nothing else

Time Passes


Time passes, enjoy it if you can.


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