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Time for the Unexpected - Chapter 10

Updated on May 10, 2011

Time for the Unexpected Chapter 10

Back home in the USA, Leigh and I had a peaceful life together until her dad gave her a Z28 sports car for her seventeenth birthday.

She and friends from her junior class were constantly on the go. She once told me to "get a life", as she had one and it did not include me.

It was a difficult time as two tragedies also struck the family during this time. My eighty-seven year old mother found out that she had lung cancer and went to hospice for the care that she needed.

While she was in hospice, Blake, my eldest son at age forty-one was in a horrific motorcycle accident. He was in and out of the hospital for over eighteen surgeries to try to get his body back in working order.

His pain was so severe that when he attended his grandmother's funeral in a wheel chair, he did not remember the sad event in later years. His right leg would never heal and was removed above the knee during Leigh's senior high school year.

The stress of the multiple life crisis caused my blood pressure to soar. When I went to my physician it was 200/145. It still "was not my time" and with medication, proper diet, and exercise, it came down to an acceptable 135/78.

Leigh continued living with me during this sad time. She managed to finish high school and graduate with honors.

A local college suited her needs until she discovered an on-line interaction game.While she played, she started talking with Landon Scott from Canada. The conversations soon advanced to using a web-cam and making plans to meet. It was her time for romance.

During this time of sadness for me, I received an unexpected letter from Richard Alexander. I often had thoughts of him, but had not called or written to him since our meeting when Leigh was six years old; now she was twenty; fourteen years had passed. During these years I had not dated, for Richard was my "bench mark" and no one ever came close to getting my attention.

I wondered if he was single. But I was and I had the freedom to call whomever I pleased, and it pleased me indeed to dial his office number: an automated recording asked for me to leave a brief message. I said this was his "friend across the miles" and gave him my new cell phone number.

Several days later when I was working out in an all ladies gym, he called. I immediately walked to the locker room for privacy. Richard talked with me for over two hours.

When I walked back into the workout room, my friends wanted all the details. I played it down, but my eyes gave me away. When I told them that it was someone who had been in my life years ago and we were catching up, they shook their heads in agreement, but were giggling along with me.

"Is he going to call you back? Are you going to see him?" they asked, to which I replied, "I just don't know". Richard had given me his email address, which I entered into the new phone's memory system. Then I forgot where I filed it as I became involved in trying to reason with Leigh concerning Landon and a planned trip to Canada.

It was decided that when Leigh was out of college for the summer, we would fly up to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to meet Landon Scott and visit the Canadian Rockies.



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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Oh Zona i,m so sorry. I see you have had your share of sorrow.

      God bless you and yours


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