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Time to go to Work - Chapter 19

Updated on March 19, 2011

Time to go to Work

Everything that could be packed was put into boxes and ready to go. Every family member helped to load the large U-Haul truck which was then driven to Savannah.

One of the ladies who had come weekly for me to color and style her hair was a real estate agent. She agreed to be in charge of selling our former home, where we had lived for seven years.

Life went well as we settled into our new home. The boys liked the neighborhood and the schools. James continued commuting to Hilton Head Island where the work was abundant in the 1970's. I set about getting our house in order and doing some interior decorating. I also helped Nola Dawson when she and her husband came over to paint the exterior with the light green paint.

In my dream about the house, I had seen a man who looked like Abraham Lincoln; it turned out to be Nola's husband: tall, thin with a beard. I did not understand about the little girl until twelve years later when I gave birth to a daughter with dark red hair.

James maternal grandmother had died in 1932. My sixty-three year old mother-in-law was the only living person that remembered her mother's thick, red hair.

Time slipped by smoothly until James lost his job... again. This time he got into a fight with a co-worker and hit him with a hammer, knocking him unconscious. The man recovered and no charges were filed.

James found work making $5.50 per hour as a carpenter in Savannah.

Since my youngest son was ten years old, and the budget was in need of additional funds, I felt that it was time for me to return to the work force.

The insurance agent from State Insurance came out to discuss a policy on James. During our conversation, I mentioned that I was seeking employment.

The next day, the agent brought his manager out to meet me. In February, 1976, I was hired and was the only woman agent in the local office.

I loved my job. I had the opportunity to work in the field, meeting new folks and discussing their insurance needs. I worked long hours and also passed the state exam and numerous tests the company required.

I said a prayer asking the Lord to open the doors and then I would do the talking. Everyone was friendly and I was always invited in. My sales were good, and when I was thirty-six, I qualified for the all expense paid trip to Rome, Italy; not just for me but James as well.

He was jealous of the fact that I was successful in the insurance business and he had not been. He was withdrawn on the trip and would not even dance with me the final night when the live orchestra played "Arrivederci Roma". We had grown light years apart.

Five months later is when I met Richard in Florida.

I told Richard in an email, "You have been in my heart and in my thoughts throughout the years. I never found anyone else that even interested me after my divorce from James. You were my bench-mark. I have loved you always.

So, now you know all about me...what I have accomplished, how I think, how I feel. Now.... please tell me about you. You married your high school sweetheart as I recall."



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    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      smart great hub I am the street man of chicago of god Jesus the holy spirit great hub thanks


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