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Time for Angels - Chapter 5

Updated on June 23, 2012

Time for Angels Chapter 5

The man I was married to, James Waters, was an only son and a very self centered man. I had been married to him for fifteen years and my three sons were teenagers when I was hired by State Insurance Company.

I loved my job. I had the opportunity to work in the field meeting new folks and helping them with their insurance needs. I worked long hours and also passed the Georgia state exam plus numerous other tests the company required.

My sales were consistently good and I won the the all expense paid trip to Rome, Italy the first year I was in the business. Going to Italy had been a desire of my heart since I was a girl studying European history. I was so happy and prayed that James would enjoy the trip, too.

Everything was planned and paid for by the company. The company chartered a Pan-American flight from Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first true vacation that James and I ever had. My dream of going to Italy had come true.

I soaked up the historical places we visited on a chartered bus. The group toured Rome, Florence, Venice and many unique villages. At the dinner table, I learned to enjoy wine and the uplifting conversations which flowed nightly.

I believed that this would be my perfect trip; that James would not be mean and inconsiderate and spoil my positive mood. But on the last night, as the entire group dined in the most beautiful castle/restaurant I had ever seen, the live orchestra played music for dancing. James would not dance with me.

He was jealous of my success. He had to hurt me by refusing to dance and totally ignoring me during the evening. At this time of life, we disagreed about everything. Our attitudes were light years apart.

When we returned to the states, there was an unexpected announcement. Our manager told us that the next trip would be for the agents only; destination: Datona Beach Florida.

This is when I met Richard Alexander, the most charming, handsome man who had ever come into my life. I fell totally in love with him.

And now he was gone without a word of explanation.

I tried to be mad but I was just confused. I had believed that Richard cared for me. Had all of our hours together meant nothing to him? Did he just want a sexual encounter after all?

My despair affected my health. I became tired and wanted to stay in bed.

 When I started having monthly hemorrhaging issues, my doctor advised that I stay off my feet and rest. I had made the Sales' Manager position that required direct supervision for five agents. Often times the job required sixty hours a week I ignored the doctor's advice.

Several weeks later, in the wee hours of the morning, I passed out in my bathroom due to the lost of blood. The ambulance rushed me to St. Luke's Hospital; in the emergency room the doctor found that my blood count had dropped to 6.5; blood transfusions were started immediately.

I was taken to surgery for an emergency procedure known as a "d and c".

When I was on the table, my spirit left my body. I experienced what is now referred to as "going into the light". I spoke to three angels, saying, "I'm coming home", meaning to the arms of the Lord. It was so very peaceful wherever I was; I wanted to stay.

The angels told me, "It's not your time. Your family needs you".

I did not want to hear those words. I pleaded my case.

"I am extremely unhappy. I am very tired. The man I love will not talk to me, my husband cares nothing about me except for my paycheck, and my teenage sons don't need me. I don't have any help and I want to come home"

Again, I was told "it's not your time. When you need any help, just pray and ask. We are your guardian angels and we will always be with you."

The next thing I heard was the nurse saying,"Well now, you decided to come back to us".

I remember thinking,"No, I was told it was not my time."

I prayed for peace concerning the emptiness I felt about Richard. I asked for strength to overcome these feelings.

But seeing Richard's name in the quarterly bulletin reminded me of our moments in time, our true romantic encounter, and always the question: why did he suddenly withdraw with no explanation?

I needed time to move pass these reoccuring, obsessive thoughts.

I left the insurance company.



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      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Getting better and " gooder:



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