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Time for a Girl Chapter 7

Updated on October 25, 2011

Time for a Girl Chapter7

When I was forty four years of age, my daughter came into this world weighing ten pounds in the lovely month of May. She was healthy and I was too.

Being a full time mother was delightful! If you saw me, you saw my daughter, Leigh.

I traded my Chrysler automobile for a midsized Nissan extended cab truck that was chocolate brown. I would put Leigh's stroller in the back of the truck, then we would go to River Street to enjoy the spring weather, see the huge ships gliding through the waters of the river close to the edge of the walkway, watch the people move about , and hear all the sounds of the city.

As she grew month by month, she would push her stroller for balance while learning to walk.

I exchanged the stroller for a tricycle as the years went by. Leigh learned to walk and to ride her trike on River Street.

When she was four, Leigh went to pre-kindergarten at a nearby church-sponsored private school. Her teacher was our neighbor and her special "Aunt Jean". Jean loved Leigh as the little girl she never had, so Leigh looked forward to going to "school" every day promptly at eight o'clock. She was comfortable in the learning environment and loved her teachers.

When Leigh was five, I realized that I had to make a life for us that would be peaceful and loving. James was never able to overcome his sexual need for other women or his addiction to porn magazines and books. We fussed constantly. He had an ego that had to have continual approval and I could not give it to him. I told James ,"All you want are the sins of this world. Here is the door, just go."

When Leigh was six years old, her brother Chase, now twenty six, married and moved to Atlanta, Georgia; twenty five year old Dave moved across town, and her fifty one year old dad moved in with his mother.

All three of the men in Leigh's life - the men who she saw everyday - were gone within five months. I was the only steadfast person in her world and I was determined to make it a happy one.

At age fifty, I went back to work in the insurance business. Leigh and I moved into a cozy apartment, located only a mile from my aging parents. Every morning she still enjoyed going to the private school where she was an excellent student.

Life was a continuous routine. On Saturday we would go shopping, have lunch, then go to a movie. On Sunday, Leigh would spend the day with her dad and granny. Monday through Friday, she would attend school and I would work with American Insurance Co.

The young fellows at the office were very supportive when I decided to lose weight. I started going to the gym at the apartment complex, eating healthy, and by my fifty-first birthday, I bought size ten clothes!

I qualified for the convention in Florida. As I sat out on the deck of the Ritz-Carlton hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, my memories of Richard came back with a vengeance. I had been told that he was no longer with State Insurance Company. I decided to contact him.

He was not married and wanted to see me. I agreed to meet him in Macon, Ga for lunch at the Steak and Ale Restaurant.

My son Dave told me that I looked about forty, not fifty. With these thoughts on my mind I got out of the car as Richard walked up.



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    • Ladyfairz profile image

      Facebook - ZONA GAYLE 7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Chapter 8 and 9 are finished, awaiting your reading time.

      Thanks for your comments; could you share a few more insights?

      I liked your poem on facebook - the "dream lovers"

      always drive away??

      Reality would kill the romance. don't you think? Ladyfairz

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      It seems that dreams and desires can last a life time.

      Chapter 8 i,m waiting