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Timeless Children’s Books to get in 2015

Updated on December 25, 2014

Children Reading

Young learners are tomorrow's inventors.
Young learners are tomorrow's inventors. | Source

Encouraging Early Learning


The Lion and the Bird


Hug Me


Mammoths on the Move


The Moon over Star




Memory of an Elephant


Early Childhood Education

Every parent desires that his/her little Titan grows up talented and intelligent, to achieve this many individuals have invested heavy in their children’s early education. For it is apparent to all that the only real gift that we can award our kids is education. As such, Parents should start nurturing their children’s learning appetite from an early age. In almost all countries around the globe, governments are struggling with issues regarding the improvement of education and its diversification. Education has been a source of concern throughout history, for it is the channel through which cultures and societal norms are passed to the next generation. Consequently, a desire by parents to push for early education is healthy for the development of the nation and the survival of a people’s culture. The best way to cultivate learning is through reading exercises that utilize child-friendly literature. Here are some books that can prove quite helpful for children


For a young child being introduced to reading, the objective is to accompany smooth words with images or visual presentations. The book of choose should be easy enough for the young reader to understand the themes and teachings held in its account. As a result, many pictures should be used that visualize the words documented in the literature. Here are two, easy-to-read, visual-packed books;

i. The Lion and the Bird

"The Lion and the Bird" is a book that communicates to all children regardless of their up bring. The book has remained relevant even in modern times, because of its timeless appeal to young readers and facilitators of educational insight. "The Lion and the Bird" is written by a Canadian author by the name of Marianne Dubuc. The story revolves around two friends who can overcome the trappings of loneliness, through compassion and loyalty. The story begins when the lion on an autumn day discovers a wounded bird under a tree in his garden; the lion nursed the bird back to health after which their story of friendship ensues. The book will educate children on matters of kindness, compassion, friendship, love and loyalty

ii. Hug Me

It’s a simple book written to inspire a loving attitude within a family setting. The author seeks to demonstrate the invaluable role played by a friendly hug in a child’s life. All children need to be shown love through hugs and kisses; such acts will allow the child to feel loved and appreciated. “Hug Me” is a book authored by Simona Ciraolo, an individual devoted to educating the young generation of learners. The story is about a little cactus called Felipe who only wants a hug, but when he fails to get it from his family. Felipe leaves his home in search of a friend who will give him the desired loving hug. The book inspires adventure, love, persistence, friendship, and family unity.


For children who are a bit more knowledgeable in their reading practices, here are some books they can explore to broaden then knowledge and view of the world.

1. Mammoths on the Move

With regards to prehistoric life and archeology, the book “Mammoths on the Move” written by Lisa Wheeler gives the learner a linear perceptive on how the mammoth migrations took place. The book contains large drawings that are meant to attract young leaders. The book teaches about mammoths, love, suffering, endurance, and success.

2. The Moon over Star

This book seeks to introduce learners to the world of science and astronomy. It details the experiences of a young girl who narrates the first moon landing and the events that followed after the colossal event that marked a new frontier in man’s evolution. The story educates on persistence, motivation, love, and togetherness.

3. Wild

On the subject of nature and adventure will look at the book “Wild” written by Emily Hughes. Wild follows the life of a cheerful young girl who lives in the forest where she was raised by wild animals. The young is not ashamed of her wild nature neither is she embraced by her commitment to her untamed nature. The book educates on engagement, love, self-acceptance and beauty in nature.

4. The Memory of an Elephant

Paying homage to the field of psychology and neurology, we will regard the book “The Memory of an Elephant” authored by Sophie Strady. The book follows the life of an elephant that employs mind to its fullness to given aspects in his life. The book is unusually large and well-dressed with pictures; it is designed to appeal to learners transitioning from beginner to discoverer. The themes addressed are one’s identity, life-choices, the worth of life and the importance of memory.

How to Encourage Children to Read


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